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The latest happenings @ Plasmic Transition

Things are moving ahead, and "RECOVERING" from the US GOVERNMENT ATTACK
Slowly the Technology is RAMPING UP all over the WORLD..

as production, training etc. become imminent AGAIN!!

Some inside news.


Some Big News:

    A new Corporation Advanced Technologies R & D, an International Company has been set up. (NOT USA) (Investment Open)

     This site is brought to you by the "EXPERT's", around the world that wish to share this information about this very important "discovery" by John Rohner and help "developing" the technology. In many countries that can use or even require the modern Plasmic Transition and any "Associated Technologies" RESEARCH.." ETC.

     AS a world leader in Alternative "GREEN" Energy using Plasmic Transition Technology. Using high powered plasma expansion, the Plasmic Transition Engine is a direct replacement for internal combustion engines AND .. Many Electric Motors, as well. NO LONGER an "Evolving Alternate Energy", we are, together, THE POWER. TIME TO HATCH THE EGG!!!!


    Plasmic Transition will show the developments as we create better and more efficient products. There will never be a "Public" video from this development site, that is a lesson now well learned, as we work exclusively for our investors, clients and licensees. Inteligentry was "Open" and look what it got for it.

    Guess that is The perils of becoming THE WORLDS "EXPERT" in a NEW Technology to HELP the world..


    "The current NSA scandal had you on their radar for about to release "disruptive" technology."
    "It's not about terrorism but with crowd-control everybody."

    "Good to see you moving forward and counter sue their ass off with a huge claim attached."

    Guess NOW WE KNOW EVEN MORE ABOUT who is TRYING to sink us, as some thought.
    The perils of becoming THE WORLDS BEST" EXPERT in a NEW Technology to HELP the world



    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Plasmic Transition is NOT making engines, in the US, - BUT - Plasmic Transition will be protecting all the License contracts, Copyrights and IP, written or verbal or any other kind, that it has rights to. All licenses have their rights to the IP etc and may use it as they wish. New licenses will be available when engines are ready to train with - see contact page.
    Anyone that has, or will, without written permission, broken any contract or agreement, or infringed, our Technology or Patent Pending or IP, will see their day in court.

    Important Information for the EX Inteligentry "Foreign Licensees". The Technical "GURUs", from Plasmic Transition Process, and from Inteligentry have formed a new consulting company, (see above), headed by people whom you all know and trust. They has been asked, and given specific permission, to "consult" with all the foreign persons to help them get their In Country Research groups, and some foreign Universities and colleges, going. Thus the Masters can continue the work done in the US, now "frozen". In this way, the licensees will not lose their License fees and can continue from the training they got, already.
    These companys, OUTSIDE THE USA, will be given rights to use all new and pending patents, Copyrights, or IP, as needed, and to "license" any foreign manufacturers that they may wish to join them, at a time when such action is released.
    "RAM Engineering, MX.". and NO ONE ELSE has this permission to administer and license the Plasmic Transition Process. The parent corporation Advanced Technology R & D will take appropriate legal actions to stop any person or entity NOT ALLOWED or LICENSED to use this technology as we continue to develop it, IP, drawings, copyrights, patent(s), filed & Pending, in whatever form & information. Specifically actions may be taken to remove the Comedy Klosterman/Girourd patents as well.

    So anyone outside the US that wishes to be a use or license this technology should contact "RAM Engineering, MX.".

    Several new PENDING patents, filed in various countries, as written and started in whatever country, are now the property of the authors or companies filing these patents in that country. These are extensions and referral patents to patents crushed by the US persons who wished to grab the Technology for themselves. They will share these with us via this website and these all are, for safe keeping, transferred to a third party private secure holding company.
    New controller boards, with all upgrades and fixes, needed to those made by Inteligentry, have been redesigned, to not infringe the Inteligentry copyright. The majority of "fixes", and upgrades, needed are now on board being tested. These will soon be in final stages of Development and testing. and ready for our off shore development groups to obtain so they can start testing their own engines and develop products etc. One country has engines ready to do their final tests.

    The now ex Inteligentry Investors, (screwed out of their investment, AND ex Inteligentry Employees, (screwed out of their jobs and futures, by the SEC) and the unscrupulous ex employees of Inteligentry action, are being asked to contact John Rohner for information about joining a "class" in the appeal of this Travesty of JUSTICE when the time comes to file to the appellant court. A "Proper" Appeal lawyer is being selected and will be supplied all Documentation for his definition of the many causes to dismiss this case.
    Membership in this new "CLASS" is open to all Inteligentry investors in good standing and other interested parties per the "Screening" board.
    If the "screening" shows an individual has done anything that tarnished Inteligentry, or breached any contract, they will not be allowed to join and must form their own "Class" to act within with their own lawyer or simply write it off. THUS. The screeners do reserve the right to refuse anyone they feel that it is not worth having someone that is not trustworthy or just a troll in the CLASS of those that do wish success.

    "RAM Engineering, MX. " has also been formed and will initially be a "foreign company" that has a "Engineering Consulting Company" that will handle new control engineering consulting, and also a "licensing group" to administer licenses of their Intellectual Properties, Copyrights and Patents (active, in process or pending). They will administer, per a Legal department, all patent, slander, libel, contract breach or copyright litigation and collections thereof.

    The NEW consulting company, that will, over time, be bought out by the new corporation when "research & development" on Plasmic, or indirect pulsed Plasmic, processes become allowable in the US in the future.

    This "Consulting Company" is in existence NOW and will be the primary element until redirection is pulled into the Corporation as decided by stockholder vote on a Board recommendation. "RAM Engineering, MX. " has also been formed.

    This Mexican unit is providing all hands on consulting, training functions and live, in country, consulting until the US is available again. John Rohner, the technology founder, is a Consulting Engineer with this company and available to all NON USA clients. The company is looking for talented Engineers, or RETIRED engineers who would like to retire by the beach and stay busy to join them. .

    Anyone interested should Contact: John Rohner to talk.

    John will be using this group as the developers for the next generation of technology and expects this to be very interesting as the technology changes and adapts to new uses.. all of which will be chronicled here.


    It is clear that the SEC has/had no respect for the Investors and employees of alternative energy start up companies nor their Investments of money and time or dreams. So hopefully, considering the technology is available OUTSIDE the USA, plus that which is "open" already of the technology, it can be grown and actually get a chance to help the world.

    So the big news is the Inteligentry Technology is back in development and could now get to market in as little as 2 or so years.


NEWS and Announcements,


This message is to the US Investors who have created Plasmic Transition (US).....":!!!

     WE put up such a great fight and "Inteligentry" had become THE company that could do this, where others have tried, for over 33 years, and failed. Inteligentry nearly had production and REAL product to help the world. BUT, The US Government STOPPED that US entity, from proceeding, stole all the investors funds (Evidently so the SEC could distribute the money to the competition...) and declared the Technology Fraud in the USA, making it illegal to develop any Plasma engine in the USA, a side effect the "competition" will soon find painful. Until a engine is available OUTSIDE the USA there can never be one INSIDE. Keep in mind that this engine will reverse the court order and allow the "Victims" of the SEC to sue the US Government for damages and win. That is the future.
     A NEW Corporation of the now EX Inteligentry "investors" stand ready for their day with a resounding and Basic HELL NO!!! Most of the now victims of their own government had unprintable, RUDE, things to say about the SEC..
     THEY, nor You, will not lose The DREAM of helping the planet! It will just have to be done without the USA, initially, and later, when allowed, the USA can "import" it.
     HEY SEC the American TAXPAYERS Thank you for keeping this from them! IT is apparent, you "politico's" don't wish to help the planet.



    Wow!! It looks like the Plasmic Transition GURUs will be busy for many months "lecturing" about "discoveries" and how to get past this "TIP OF THE ICEBERG", we have Discovered. Plasmic Transition is getting invites to other shows, lectures, symposiums, meetings etc. from all over the world as WE ARE NOW FREE to do them (Outside the USA).!!

    INTELIGENTRY provided the world the best "open" look at the following venues as firsts or better:

    1. The first booth at the Tesla TECH and gave the first really comprehensive seminar about this technology and how it works. show in Albuquerque NM. a BIG show!!.

    2. A booth at the next Tesla TECH and gave the experimenters a tool to play with the technology after Robert Rohner failed to show his announced and expected running engine but simply showed a Old 1991 CEI developed "popper", from the OLD CEI days of scams, show in Albuquerque NM. a BIG show!!.

    3. A full size end of isle booth at Power Gen in Orlando Florida Dec 11, 2012. The Engine was shown, but not demonstrated because there was no need to do so. Besides the manufacturers had reneged on their supply promises and the truck arrived too late to get "Fire Department" certification. The purpose of this show was to get "international" power generation and engine manufacturing support. Give the power industry a forward view and the "Masters" publicity for their areas. Very successfully presented.

    4. A full size corner booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES in Las Vegas, NV on January 8, 2013. The Engine was shown, but again not demonstrated because there was no need to do so. The purpose of the show did not require it and there was never any statement that it would be demonstrated by the company. The purpose of this showing was to get "international" attention of parts suppliers for the parts needed by the "licensed" manufacturers. A side intention was to show the world the future and line up "research partners" at colleges and Universities. It worked very well as the toughest parts were obtained as samples and could be manufactured in low cost production quantities to fit the needs of all. CES is a BIG show!! Actually it is the Biggest show of Future Technology in the WORLD.. Very successfully attended and done, great response.

    5. A Seminar on the Process was presented to The German Alternate Energy Conference. The seminar presented "How It Worked and why", in English and German, and ran over time by over an hour as questions were asked and a group of Physicists asked questions and "validated" the statements made in the seminar. During the show, in private meetings with each "MASTER" in attendance, the now released "Masters" were urged to create a NOT MADE IN AMERICA", Product, since the US Court had stopped any developments in the USA.

    6. Was/Is the ONLY Known company actively with products, Partners, business plans, licenses and support emerging in this technology.

    7. Has become so popular that there will be many research centers working with this technology within a two year period, all over the world, EXCEPT the USA, of course since all Plasma Engines are illegal in the USA now.

     Also being represented at the CES show there were talks with some companies that plan to use our technologies. Some in ways you are unaware of yet. they also spoke to many companies about the ability to convert an Android Pad over to operate on our CAN bus to provide a full blown user interface, maybe with radio and video as well. There are many Android tablets available, and phones, that could be easily converted or an app put on it, to control various tasks. This is gonna be fun.

     they also announced using BobCad Ver 25 as one of our CAD/CAM elements, converting all drawings over. So. now all 3D drawings will be available in BobCad, Pro E or Inventor formats. BobCad is a great program for inexpensive CNC usages.

    John Rohner provided usable information in his talks, not "Pie in the Sky Fantasy". Their discoveries are not stolen from the government or from any "competitor" but are real and useful. They ENJOYED teaching and we are looking forward to a book that will basically make this technology, in some areas, "open" with a research license or private use license. .



    Inteligentry had started preparing and implementing A "Private Demo" display for the Investors for March 23, 2013. They would have completed that as a modulo example of power production up to 250 KW, in time.
    Inteligentry had started testing and preparing a Genset (Generator/Engine Set) coupled to a Power entry (upper left) to power their own shop, 24 hours a day and every day for the next "XX" years.
XX = UNKNOWN (Unknown Yet as it has to run XX years to verify). Since no one knows, short of Simulation equations, exactly how long the engine would continue to run without refueling we must use XX. The sample "D" engine will be used, similar to the Genset that shown at BOTH Power Gen and CES, to do this.
    Inteligentry would have started posting pictures and videos of this transformation, BUT all the engines were taken by the FBI and are now being looked at by UNKNOWN "EXPERTS" (really!!).
    ANY new engines will come from OUTSIDE the USA. Sorry World we can not show you what we did and have no longer in the USA. Watch for the "NOT MADE IN AMERICA" version in the near future.



    The creation of the NEXT GEN TEST and TRAINING engines has been set as to form and factor.

    In order to not infringe upon any Inteligentry Developments that may or may not be available to us the new Development corporation has decided to use all the lessons learned from the former work, available freely, and create a set of 3 NEW format engines.
    The first will be a Inline twin built to the secs published to date.
    We will also provide a new 4 cylinder Inline engine as well,. also based on previously published design parameters and drawings at 3 Liters.
    The big engine will be a 6 Cylinder opposed engine of around 6 liters, for truck, motor home and 1+ MW generating use. This engine will also use previously released and public information and is expected to be the Key unit for small city power plants.
    The electronics will be based on the new developments, to correct and enhance the "Inteligentry" Electronic Control System (ECS), based on work done by a sperate R & D effort over the last 3 years.
    This work WAS ALL DONE OUTSIDE the USA and is thus not covered in any Court order of a USA District Court nor judge. NOR, IS IT COVERED BY ANY BAN AGAINST THE TECHNOLOGY!!! As anyone in the USA should know it is illegal to develop any form of Plasma Engine in the USA!! A US Court has jurisdiction in the USA ONLY!! Again (NOT MADE IN AMERICA!) is keyword.
    We did not sit idle for the last nearly 4 years we just are quiet..


     The ROHNER TYPE "D" engine was released to manufacturing (RTM) January 2013. Now "OPEN"

    Several of the US manufacturers had found ways to make plastic pistons for less that our "samples" were. So, it may be easier to machine these than injection mold them. But in any case, there will be a easy supply as production volumes become available from the off shore manufacturers. We could not find a on shore supplier because of the court order against ALL USA Plasma engines, or work on same, of any kind in the USA.

    One of the US manufacturers has asked if we could change the design to use a Snap Ring to hold the bearings in place. This would simplify the main shaft machining and create a simple line bore function on the block when together. It is a great idea. We tested it and it worked great. So all drawings have been changed to use this. Initially the outer collar was thought to have been needed for sealing. Not so in reality, although it may be needed in high altitude, space born or submerged engines where pressure extremes could happen.

    We had also changed the wrist pin to piston connection to use similar snap pins to maintain that connection as well. This removed the Set Screw used before. This has been tested and worked great also. It further reduces the manufacturing costs and enhances the reliability. Again making production simpler. These are being mentioned to dispel the "myth" that the design team does NOT respond to "requests". Of course it does!

    Several new Flywheels for the bottom end Have been created and tested and documented. It is now proven that 6061 Aluminum WILL handle loads above 300 HP without problem and that 7071 will allow even higher torque. We had some Titanium material coming as well to test but it got canceled when the funds were frozen by the SEC, so it was never tried. It is expected that it would also work since the new part is very tough and simple by design.

    AND new Flywheels have been tried. It has been verified that a 7 inch Diameter flywheel works as good as the 8 inch and is much easier to balance at higher speeds. However, like the difference between heavy steel and aluminum materials the engine is more "agile" with the smaller diameter. But, it may be more robust with the larger one. So, all Manufacturers, worldwide, have these new drawings, with all changes, as well. These changes will reduce the cost of manufacturing. Remember the "Target" production price for an engine similar to this "training" engine is $250.00 per engine at 10,000 to the product OEM licensee..

    The New Optical sensors, we were building ourselves, since they don't seem to exist, YET, allow us to get much longer ranges, Ease of Assembly, without the precision adjustment needed by the Magnetic sensor, for reading the timing segments. The down side is that the "timing" flywheel needs to be anodized black and tooth tops sanded to metal to reflect. But overall it enhances the overall run time without maintenance of the expected engine.

    The overall weight reduction of the 1 liter "training" configuration engine was from 57 lbs down to the now 35 lbs, about a 50% weight reduction without giving up substantial toughness. However for "FIXED" speed applications the steel may provide a longer run life design. The lighter engine may be more useful in variable speed applications, cars, planes, boats, vehicles etc., since The lighter crank assembly, or bottom end, and double ring, non magnetic, lighter Plastic pistons also produced an unexpected result in testing.
    Up till now, the extra 20 Lbs in the Bottom End flywheels have made the engine slow to react to engine speed change requests, good in a fixed speed application like power generation or compression etc. The new lighter bottom end is very responsive, quickly, to speed change requests. The new lighter components and better seal now make this engine a REAL replacement candidate for Combustion engines in vehicles that require faster response times to increasing or reduction speed requests. Many of the "old timers" reading this will remember that I used to be very specific about the use of these engines in boats or cars or such. That consideration is no more. There is no limit to usage now!

    This Rohner "D" Type engine, as designed and copyright by John Rohner, has the new aluminum Bottom end with Plastic Pistons, snap rings etc. All discussed changes, to all drawings, have been completed and accounted for. This is a FAR CRY from the Clunky Papp International engine, basically a head replacement unit, as designed by Joe Papp, no Robert Rohner never redesigned the Papp Engine he just machined the hardware for Papp International. The PI engine was clunky and would be very expensive to try and make in mass production, whereas this one is simple, inexpensive and easy to maintain and test.

     ALL manufacturer's "requested" changes are current, as of March 1, 2013, including the "snap rings" to hold in bearings etc. All of these have been implemented, and proven, in a TEST TYPE Version "D" Engine. This was the "standard" being manufactured by one company for the use by Inteligentry as their "Training" engines. The "D" Engine was fully mechanically certified, as created from these "Final" Drawings. This is also the hardware that was being test run for use in the GENSET demo that was to have occurred March 23 rd, 2013 that the SEC had to stop. All manufacturers, have these drawings, or should have them, and could machine hardware as needed by anyone.

     All manufacturers could be ready to "stock" and "supply" these engines to OEM product licensed makers, within a short order time frame. This finalized design also marked the start the supply of "Training" Engine parts, as 20 sets, Kits, were ordered, (now being held by the SEC), so the start of the training process, stopped by the SEC.

     One company, now available to manufacture, has submitted a Type "D" engine for certification. They Could manufacture to keep up with INITIAL demands and needs, except the SEC has them stopped. For some reason no other company felt the need to continue and challenge the SEC. Be Advised that some "Manufacturers" have breached their contract and are not available, or known to be available, for use. Any Manufacturer that "feels" they can supply machined parts to "order" should let Sandy at "Control Systems Consulting", see Contact page, know so she can pass the information along to those that are or wish to be "experimenting" and "developing" this green "Alternative" energy form.

     A WHOLE NEW MARKET. Again, we have just seen the "TIP OF THE ICEBERG".

     We do have DEvelopment Ongoing at several locations throughout the world. As soon as we are sure one, or more, MAJOR Engine Manufacturing Licensee that can create "final Training Engines". We are preparing the "Internal Certification" tests outside the USA now..

     One LAST WORD. Keep in mind this is a two stroke engine, not 4, so at every Piston Top Dead Center there is a firing. Also there is no "Compression" stroke.
     This makes it significantly different that a 4 stroke engine that would have a dead "cycle" to throw balance off every other rotation. There are no dead cycles.
     Thus, there is no inherent imbalance, so only someone with no "balance" training would consider this engine as anything but smooth running. Certainly not the "Paint can shaker" that one "supposed" engineer states all over in his blogs.
There are no dead cycles. The reader should be aware that Porshe, VW, Subaru and BMW all make opposed engines and they all work very well. Nuff Said, it is smooth and quiet.

    Not bad for a company with no "Investment" debit to do in less than two years.


     Keep in mind that those who have worked with Plasmic Transition have LEARNED and KNOW more, NOW, than the original inventor, or all the Girouard/Klosterman, Rohner Group, CEI or any other wannabes , ever knew.  WE ARE THE "EXPERTS"!!
     Thanks to OUR MODERN science, Engineering Methods, great people and NO BS!!!.