Plasmic Transition Process or Technology and
Electronic Control System (ECS) Development.
You can License Plasmic Transition.
AND, if licensed, Get consulting help to develop the
Electronic Control System (ECS) for your engine or OEM Product.

YOU can Manufacture, or help others manufacture, products for a better world..


Anyone that lives OUTSIDE the USA and
wishes to License and Manufacture these engines

    If You wish to License the  Plasmic Transition Process & technology and Develop, design or Manufacture Your
Own Engines or just Buy Engines, (A manufacturer can not sell any engine to an Unlicensed User). 

    Licensing can be discussed with the Mexican Development Center at: Plasmic Transition Development Group

Contact this site: RAM engineering, MX

Use the NEW License WORKSHEET

ATTENTION: Anyone that has a license from before March 2, 2013 issued by "Inteligentry" (Tana Kane) should contact MX to get reviewed & reissued. ALL Inteligentry Licenses issued by Tana Kane are no longer valid! Sorry.

    FOR LICENSING INFORMATION: Licensing is easy using just one worksheet AND open to ANY manufacturer on a first come first served basis.  Limited by end use: truck/bus, automotive, aircraft, Marine, utility or personal, commercial Genset etc.... So contact RAM Engineering, MX and get the info if you are interested. We hope to restart worldwide Development & production soon. Expect also to roll out licensing & Training when proved Training engines are available. Foreign Masters are free to work with our consultants to get themselves going ASAP.

Licensing can be discussed with the Mexican Development Center at: Plasmic Transition Development Group


    FOR THE "I DON'T BELIEVES"........ 
    When you say "I don't believe it will work unless you can explain how."
Then ask yourself this:

 1.   How does Magnetism work? Without it there would be no electric motors or generators. Do you question these?
    Or gravity? Without this we would not have a planet or even be alive. But how does it work exactly..
    OR, what is the size of a photon, and it's mass? Since it travels at the speed of light and Einstein's Theory says it will have a Infinite mass? Yet somehow it gets created without heat.
    If matter to matter can not occur how is a photon created as a by product of Fusion and other things?
   OR Is a Chum smaller than a quark? If so, is there anything smaller?...
 1.   How does a Bumble Bee Fly work? By all modern equations he should not be able to.. At one time, it was said it was impossible, yet we see them do it all the time.
   And a whole host of other questions about things we take for granted today. 
After all We have just learned that there is more anti matter than matter in the universe. What is that?
    Man always questions that which is not within his knowledge.
   2.  26 years ago most of what we now call Astro Physics was unknown. There are still many things unknown about the simple atom and how it works. Ever ask yourself how a stable atom can take an electron and then pass it off.  26 years ago it was thought that any action like that would imbalance the nucleus and cause instability. Today we know it does not and we keep making transistors smaller and smaller. They are about the size of 300 atoms now, 26 years ago they were the size of several thousand.  So consider this a new form, something we needed to explore and understand.
    A few years back most scientists believed light could not be produced without heat. Their problem was how the lil lightning bug produces great light and as anyone who has ever had one in their hand knows, no heat. LEDs now too.
    Almost as good is the aeronautical people that tested their equations on the poor bumble bee and decided it could not fly, let alone hover or maneuver. But it does so well!!!
    I am smiling as I recall that even Einstein had to use a "unknown factor" to answer why the universe was expanding, after trying to figure it out for 8 years. He just used it to make the equations work. I think they call this the "dark force" now..(grin).

   Many, many people have watched the OLD engines run either live or on video from Papp or Sabori. Papp showed it to about anyone, and shared it with none. Suffice to say he died with his secret never helping mankind.     WE do not wish to do that.
      Luckily the Plasmic Transition engine is being discussed freely, by many.


    The new International Holding Company will be very aggressive about protecting the developments & technology. NEW patent(s), are being filed, issued or pending, worldwide, as are copyrights, trademarks and all IP. It is a way to secure our licensees financial security. Your license will have a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect you and your friends from any fraud or misuse of your rights.
    This company will also begin, soon, challenging all the "bogus" Patents, like those of Klosterman, that need to be removed. They will also help defend anyone, in the group, who is threatened by anyone.
    It seems there is a silver side to the patent attacks from the competitors as all that information is now "prior Knowledge" and copyrighted in many countries worldwide. The competition killed one and created many..


    We are building an Open "Plasmic Transition" Power Community.
Be assured that cjanges are being made to required elements to insure seperation from US items.
    Every company licensed will have one seat on the Plasmic Transition Research Group, per license, and a voice in the future of the technology. All Licensees will participate in "Open" development and cross involvement which means NO Royalty payments to any member.
    The new Intellectual Properties company will hold all IP ownership which will be Open Freely to ALL licensees for usage.
    A NEW FREE CLASS of license is being discussed. It will be available for Educational and personal development of the Technology or any technology related to it with all new IP being provided back to the company for sharing and protection.


   The Development group in Mexico will act as the ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM Development group.
    It will design, develop, prepare for manufacture and release to manufacture the Electronic Control System (ECS) Units that every engine uses, to fit the patent(s), filed, issued or pending, copyrights and required specific operational requirements.
    The idea here is to make the ECS common across all types of motors to minimize the production cost and to enhance the analysis and correctional requirements if there is a failure. The controller is a flexible multi micro computer controlled, CAN bus integrated system operating via firmware and will be produced specifically for licensees by the Controller manufacturer(s) at cost plus 3% for overhead, to the manufacturers.
    Thus they have a known cost and component source that is scalable by load.


    A NEW Plant is being created, that could manufacture any special design or "turn key" Engine, via R&D, for a OEM application that is small in quantity or as we call them "Specialty" Engines.

    For any OEM application that requires a motor, in smaller quantities that is NOT available from a licensed manufacturer we may design and provide these "limited" IE. Special engines for OEM usage.


    So There you have The plan. The license Qualification and Applications are available now.

    Are there Risks, YES. That is why the Early license costs are lower for the Early Innovators and once the technology gets into production and we get deluged with license requests prices and even allocated numbers will change dramatically. However, we will NOT start licensing until we feel our licensees can use what they learn and be successful. We want the risk to success as small as possible. No Fee, beyond the application fee, will be accepted until the Licensed entity can build and run their own engine.


    If you are interested in being one of the first to get this technology to market then contact us now .