CONTACT Information

We would Recommend that anyone
who wishes to continue with their dream of
using and/or developing this engine
do so by contacting the following:


1. If you need more information about the "Plasmic Transition" process, or Technology there
is now a "FREE" and "OPEN" International web site available so that all who wish to create something from either:
    the "Linear Technology" Inteligentry "Plasmic Transition" Engine approach
    the Rotary type, using the Pulse "Technology" defined by the University of Missouri
is available. Watch as it Develops.. However Remember the actions of the GREEDY that tied to STEAL it.. It will limit things to those we KNOW are GOOD guys!

Contact this site: Plasmic Transition or ""



2. Contact The new corporation formed by those who the US Government crushed the (Inteligentry ex employees and investors) to work with them and obtain licenses and information they know the information from their experience that was never made public.

    They now have the will, experience, knowledge, information and a willingness to share to make this Technology a reality for all mankind. Many new foreign patents, as well filed by associates. Their new research has gone a very long way past the base technology Joe Papp tried to provide.

John and Inteligentry wish them GOD Speed, as this technology is more critical now than it ever was...
These are also the "VICTIMS" of the SEC action, who had their investments stolen by the US Government. ETC..

Advanced Technologies R & D.

This is the new "MULTI" Country, "INTERNATIONAL" company, set up in a country that does not worry about what the USA thinks. These are the EX Employees and EX Investors, from "Inteligentry". The company that was within 3 weeks of showing "Investors" a "Private" showing of the RUNNING production engine driving a generator (as a GENSET) and announcing/opening training for licensees.
    REMEMBER the US Government, using the (FBI/SEC) and help from a couple unscrupulous Black hearted employees (that Failed to "take over" the company) and uneducated competitors, that could not COPY Inteligentry to do what we could do, (headed by Dr. Girouard, Robert Rohner and Klosterman (CEI), tried to kill.
See The Inteligentry web site for complete details and documents.

    AND having the NSA LABEL us a "disruptive" technology means. SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM!!!
    IF You are off shore, since it is illegal to develop a plasma, or PLASMIC engine in the USA..
    They will be happy to help you with whatever you need to get going or a license when the time is right.

NOTE: If you are looking for the award winning Engineering team, the Innovators and original, now killed by the SEC, Patent filers from the research side and THE REAL "GURUS" and "Experts" for the "Plasmic Transition" Technology OR the Plasmic Transition Process.
The far sighted people who invested in and wish to see this technology get used as fast as possible.


---- ATTENTION: ----

Anyone that lives OUTSIDE the USA ----->
If You wish to DEVELOP or License the  Plasmic Transition Process or Technology
Your Own Engines or OEM Products 


If You wish to receive Technical Consulting, have a Electronic Control System [ECS] created for you
to make the  Plasmic Transition work or JUST Buy motor parts  AND you are OUTSIDE the USA
Licenses are being administered by them. NOW.. By "special" Investor Order and Support.

For engineering questions or support
Contact:   SUPPORT   at   " RAM Engineering, MX"
760 - 335 - 6111   
The "out of country" support group.



IF YOU live OUTSIDE the USA and wish to obtain A Country
Master license or a OEM License   or   Manufacture YOUR OWN engines

----> You can Join the "NOT MADE IN AMERICA" CLUB

Sorry no individual Motor sales  Check with a licensed manufacturer.


IF YOU ARE IN THE USA..    Too Bad   -->
the TECHNOLOGY can not, at this time, be made available in the USA..

Think this is a "RIP OFF" call your congressman or senator and " BITCH". The US GOVERNMENT cheated THESE Investors, shutting down the "start up" and keeping this technology from you...
SO.. SORRY. BUT it may be available from a foreigner in 2017 or so.
THEN, MAYBE, ANYONE IN THE USA CAN License the  Plasmic Transition technology.
TILL THEN --- You will have to buy them from overseas vendors.
That should make OUR president, and elected officials, happy!



TECHNOLOGY CONTACT:   Plasmic Transition.

   OR    SUPPORT This is the Technology presentation and co developing Web Site. NOW..

HOME to all the latest information and developments that relate to
Plasma or Plasmic power devices of all kinds.
Open to ALL. The WORLDWIDE Resource..




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IT'S SUCH A PITY, and too bad my Lil Brother, Bob, can not stand on his OWN two FEET, YET!!
I notice that Bob continues to use my youngest Brother, Tom As a "Fund Raiser",
He even presents his resume, as if he were alive. Hoping to make you feel "pity".
He seems to forget that Tom Died Of Cancer, Some time ago, Maybe
as a result of the "Radio Active" components Bob subjected him too.
Tom did not wish to join Bob. He did all he could to convince Bob and get us brothers
all together when I made them the offer to make a REAL Company and Bob refused.
Tom and I talked many times about how the engine worked and he was sure I had it
right and Bob "would never get it", which he has not, even after 30 some years.
He was very happy when, after months of being told by Bob that he had done it for us,
I formed "Rohner Motor", which upset Bob because his plan was to Resurrect CEI.
     Tom's "objection" to being a part of the SCAM CEI is what that brought Tom
to finally create "Rohner Group". Which Bob has now taken over.......
I was very sorry that Tom Died. I get asked why did I not go to the funeral.
Simply put it was Bob's threats against me and my Family
     Ask Bob why Tom had to die outside the USA?
Treatments were available here to  cure him.

WELL, I don't need anyone's PITY! I would never use my Brothers death,
and everyone's Pity, as Bob is.
So, Tom I am sorry for what your OTHER brother is doing with your memory.
As the Head of the Rohner Family, I can only appologize for his actions.
All I can say is, my lil brother Bob is an AH which goes well with his BS.
Too bad Bob can not stand on his own two feet and be honest. BUT!


May My little brother Tom Rest in peace, luckily unknowing he is being exploited by his next older brother, and my NOW "LIL" brother, as usual.
Tom was a good person, even apologized for the misdeeds of the linear's, paid for his tickets when we went to concerts, etc. Not Bob.
I DO Miss TOM. He was a GOOD Brother and lived a good life. Betty and I both miss you, Tom! "WOW BOB!!!"

    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.



    Robert Rohner, Dr. Michael Girouard and Klosterman would like to kill any entity that threatens their ability to CONTINUE to collect money for nothin'. They have and will attack anyone for just that reason.
    We are doing work and progressing..
    Robert Rohner, Heinz Klosterman and Dr Girouard (CEI) have nothing to show for their 30 some years work and millions of dollars in monies Collected and pocketed. They hate people that actually do work!

    They copied John Rohner's work and have attacked John for years with various lies and Bob Speak (BS).
    So don't let the BS get to you, in any forum, as that is his, and other wannabee, TROLL's, playground as they can do nothing else but be stupid since they are not real or even intelligent. Mostly like 8 year old girls or ISis Robots, in reality, but that may be giving the "girls" less than they deserve.
    Just smile and know they are jealous of what we all are accomplishing, just as they were of Johns discoveries.. :0)


     Disclaimers: Notice:

    Note: we are not asking, raising or charging monies to rebuild old motors (based on stolen IP and hardware) to line our pockets.
    It is our aim to create the least expensive way for a manufacturer to get into production with, or using, our "ADVANCED" technologies and become productive in it's future development.
    We want to share the wealth not be greedy. Mankind has a greater need to us than just money.
    We want our engines to be inexpensive, used and our licensees to be successful!!!

  Please do not confuse our advanced process motor with the so called " Pulsed Plasma Motor ". There is no such thing. It is a "marketing" name used by one company without any patent, using stolen hardware, IP and information, to raise money by making it sound "Magic". Anyone who understands plasma could tell you this.  Plasma is Createdexpands and returns to the "steady" gaseous state for the next cycle to rebuild.  One Growth Cycle, No Pulse needed.

     THIS company, division or personnel, is NOT affiliated with Clean Energy Inc. (CEI) OR Robert Rohner,  Dr Mike Girouard,  Heinz Klosterman,  Unity International,  Rohner Group,  any OTHER such SCAM or Fraud, people or organization in any way. Nor do we wish to be, in any way, for known reasons. You all know why.