How the "Plasmic Transition Process" system works

This is a work in process it will have 4 chapters,
1. How PTP works, the physics, and a quick history of the developments of Joe Papp, Jimmy Sabori and John Rohner the three most important people.
2. The mechanical engine construction with some notes, and comments, from Papp about the Papp International engine he designed in the 1980s and the developments that created the Inteligentry engine,
3. The control of the process presenting the 198x Controller John Rohner designed, Tom Rohner and Tom miller implemented, thru the evolution of Electronic Control Systems that was used on the operational Inteligentry engines and the onward as new features are added for efficiency,
4. A discussion about the next generation of control and the next generation of Pulse kickers.

Updated --> 1/1/2014. ---------- The Plasmic Transition Process System -- The Future is bright.    by John Rohner

Part 4 The Future of the Plasmic Transition Evolution Bigger engines and Pulse jet or turbine spinners.

The future directions of the process.
Introducing the "Patent Pending" NEW Electronic Controller System
  for the  Plasmic Transition Process  Engine  

Our Electronic Control System (ECS)The precision control that makes it all work!
Boards, Test benches and shop facilities from Version 1, single board, to Version V, 3 board.



Next up will be "Pulsed Plasma" as demonstrated first
by the University of Missouri - their video is below -- Plasma Pulse test
The Germans used a similar process in what the allies called "BUZZ" bombs. and Bob Rohner and his friend Roberts used this in the old "Waterfall mill" or "Paddlewheel" type system and proved it would work. (if it was real and not driven by compressed air..)
The advantage is that an engine can be smaller and much higher speed if proper Turbine engineering is used and gases reclaimed..
John Rohner actually has met with a person that has applied for a turbine type enging, in 2009. After a long talk he understood some of his problems But I wished him well with his application. I expect to get together with him again next year as we have worked out a "proper" way to do it. And for those of you that remember the "wanabee" Ron Williams, who worked to kill Inteligentry and "claimed" to have such an engine running, for show at the "Power Gen" show you understand the lie. The real patent person is working with us..


University of Missouri Plasma Pulse test DEMO


Roberts Rotary Engine test device