Products Are based on the Team, 
knowledge and EXPERIENCE,

     Please don't be fooled into Investing monies into so called Fuel Mixers.
     The fuel works exactly the same "premix" as it does thru the Rube Goldberg Papp Fuel Mixer.

This is just a "FURTHER" attempt to " Raise Money". For someone!!!

     Here at Plasmic Transition Process we are constantly pushing the envelope and "discovering" new things.

    We get asked all the time what our Secret Gas Mixture is all about.
We took the Papp Presented Mixture, after correcting all the math errors and falsities in the descriptions and modernized it to our original "starting" mix which worked about as we expected and better than the original posted "certified" results, since we felt the "rumored" results were probably wrong anyway.
    We then ran the results we got from our testing thru a set of computer programs that "predicted" what results would happen if the mixture was changed.
    This gave us a superior power production than the original and proved the programs capabilities. But we wished to use less input power and cut the requirement back. We found we had to go "outside the box" to do that and that some gases could be used as well. The result is a very low input requirement for a very high output.

    Please remember that our precision Electronic Control System is what allows us to use this and it does produce much better power than any other mix in smaller engines. The formula will change as the engine displacement gets Bigger.
   So now you can see that the gas mixture is relatively inexpensive, Less than a dollar per fill.
    We are also developing an computer controlled automatic mixer and filler for use with production to ease that task and get mixes that we can be sure are "standard" to the formula.

    On the left is our current, on hand, stock of gases.
That BIG tank is a premix made for us by a gas company that contains roughly 10,000 engine transition chamber fills worth.

    This is a picture of our fuel storage as we continue to experiment and develop better and more efficient fuels for our engines to use.

    We also have a second company that can do the same for us. these are provided to our trade secret formulas as copyrighted.

    SO, We are proud to announce that we have found several companies that are mixing our fuel based on our "Trade Secret" Formulas.

    We are also talking with several other companies about providing the "Refuel" canisters or storage containers for consumer or commercial use as refueling to maintain the motors capabilities.

    The smaller white tanks are the individual Gases. The Big Tank is 2500 liters of pre mixed fuel. Enough for 10,000 engine fills. Our expected per cylinder charge for gases will be less than a dollar. So for budgeting figure about Three dollars a year to run a 500 CC engine continual, pumping water, generating Power, powering you Boat or ????.

    Average cost per filled cylinder chamber with type 1 gas mix - $.71.
    Hard results of other gas mixes is not yet available, will be in 2 months.

    We hope you can see just how far we have come in our attempts to make our engines the least expensive alternative while being absolutely GREEN.