Here is More information about Motors/Engines
and "What" makes this great advance usable

The    Plasmic Transition Process engine IS
Abundant, Pollution Free, QUIET, Low Cost, Long Lasting Energy.
- Sounds like a "dream come true" -------- WELL..
HERE is a comparison Old to new and description of Capabilities!
Have a look!!! ---------->

    Lets compare the Engines.

    Above (LEFT Side) is the
Plasmic Transition Process(tm) Engine
    designed by John Rohner.

    Notice that the Transition chamber and whole engine is
simple.  Amazingly, these are the same size in volume 
but vastly different in Mass. 

    On the RIGHT is a public domain type Papp Motor     Notice it is very complex and basically it is a
motor in a Head" replacement that bolts to the  Host motors pistons. NOT really a MOTOR but a conversion kit for a motor. 
   Tom & Bob Rohner, while working for Papp International and supervised by Papp Himself,  designed a motor, in 1982 that was the second generation, not a add on unit but a real Stand alone ENGINE. It was "CERTIFIED" as a running Engine, was measured and used to prove the process would work.  Not this monstrosity.
    That motor was less complex BUT Papp still had a hand in it, SOOO!!.


Our Engines, Evolution, and Projections per our Developments and Discoveries:


PROJECTED HORSE POWER PER ENGINE SIZE IN CC        Here's some Current & projected Horse Power Specs for single or Multiple Cylinder Engines
Note for reference a dual 3 inch bore is 1 Liter and the 3 3/4 bore is 1.5 liter...
(using current Cylinder/piston/head assembly or equiv.)
From tested data!

Horsepower Computation is -- Torque * RPM / 5252


   It is for the safety of getting this product to the world that you must be patient!!!!!!   We need to get past the sniper, and his TROLLS, who does not want this in use.  Please understand that, per our attorneys instructions, no video of these tests will be made public.
     Sorry, but we have been advised that until the patent is firmly accepted anything WE tell you can be used against us, so we are being advised to remain silent. We all know who this is!!!


We would like to announce that:      We have been having great results from our test of the "new design" engine systems and designs. You may ask what makes this new test engine different from what had been used for "running" tests.
     The answer is simple. NO RADIOACTIVE COMPONENTS IN THE CYLINDER. like the Papp and Sabori engines (and even our earlier engines).
     We have designed, created and now tested a way to start the process without using radioactive elements in the two "Buckets" to make things work.
     This is only a small sampling of the strides we have taken to make this Technology better, easier to use and SAFER.

        Here is a video taken from the Vue Port on one of our Test Engines.
     This is what REAL Plasma Looks Like. I can not say this was taken from a running
     engine, yet, but you will see it seems to be rhythmic.

       I think it is important that you see this because it will show you what is the imposter
    if they show the "plasma" they make. There is no Yellow or Orange in the Plasma.
     The gases will not "glow" that color. Rather they are a Blue hued or violet
   leaning bright white.

       As many of you know there was a supposed single cylinder DEMO Video, put out by
    Rohner Group (CEI), to solicit monies with. That video was a hoax.
    It was powered by air pressure, or MASSIVE CURRENT and, if you remember, the color it made, as the
    plasma supposedly happened, was Yellowish white. Evidence of the fact it was a
    hoax. Even the old Papp International videos had the right color,

     Now you have seen the REAL thing and you will know next time what is what.