Plasmic Transition Process History
Part 3! (2008 - current)

John Rohner and into the future with PlasmIC Transition Process.

Welcome to PlasmERG.

NOW "OFFICIALLY" DEAD ---> PlasmERG was the original
company that embraced John Rohner's Plasmic Transition Process technology.

     PlasmERG was the "Research & Design", "Consulting" and Engineering company that had the "EXPERT's", of "Associated Technologies" and whose mission was to make ANY NEW "PLANET SAVING" technology available to all manufacturers.


=============== R E D I S C O V E R Y =================================

    In 2008, John Rohner, who was originally contacted to create a controller for it, by us, in 1981 and who was used to solving his clients problems, looked closely at the data and understood how it worked. Mr Rohner had not been involved in any way with us or Joseph Papp, directly, except for the one Schematic of the Electronic Control since that time as he was busy doing new products for others. He took less than 3 months to rediscover the process and with someĀ  of his friends in fusion, plasma and fission research verified it.

   John, and his esteemed partner, Dr. Haik Biglari, PE, then protected it in November of 2008 with a Provisional Patent, and several others over later months.
   This patent is now permanently filed AND PUBLISHED, awaiting a permanent Number, and since they discovered much more that Joe had they renamed it to the Plasmic Transition Process(tm) as it is known world wide now. Their remaining provisional's will be filled as the years progress

    Inteligentry (PlasmERG's successor) is now the ONLY place you can find this process.

   This is really very good for us ALL since Inteligentry wants to share the process and technology with other manufacturers via a licensing agreement that allows them to know all about how and why it works and not limit their usage and exposure to help fix the planet that we have so badly treated. He is very much different than the greedy Papp in this respect and many others since as well.

   Within this page we will present some real history and copies of important documents that may help your understanding. See Docs for these documents and about for history as we saw it.

It is hoped this will shed further light on why things happened the way they did and the characters, and "Raiders" who made their money from this.


     PlasmERG was a name coined by John Rohner and his close friend.

     It was a combination of the Expansion component - PLASMA and the Engineering short hand term for Energy ERG. Notice the Proper spelling is PlasmERG, not Plasmerg or such, as the ERG is proper term for energy.

     John Rohner coined this name, and copyrighted it, in 2008, after his brothers, who he expected to join him decided to not. Well Bob decided NOT then he "Convinced", (see the strong arm?) Tom not to.

     Well one, BOB, decided he could not live with anyone but him as the "Boss", that is Robert, and the other, and important one, was somehow bound to Bob. Tom stated he wanted to work with John but could not, so John should not worry as John, from their conversations, did understand the process and "Bob never would", so was not a worry. John did promise Tom a group of stock for when he joined the company later.
     Remember that John had provided the controller design for the Papp International engine that did work and was certified. Tom and his friend Tom Miller, created the PC Board and programmed it with Johns help. Tom Rohner had, over many years, made many products that John had designed for him or helped him design or develop. Tom was man enough to apologize for his theft of the Linear amplifier, years earlier and John forgave that. Bob never has, But..
     Tom also at least made the "gesture" to pay for some of the Many "Concerts" and "reserved Fair seats" that John had provided for his family and brothers. And, of course Tom's wife never stole thousands of dollars from the Family, and John, like Bob's good catholic wife did.
     John is amazed, now, of how much his lil brother, Bob, had done throughout John's life to screw him with others. With a brother, and sister in law, like this you don't need enemies.


    PlasmERG History!!

    The Life and death of PlasmERG Iowa and the stillborn PlasmERG Nevada.

    To Preface this, I was not aware that there was a connection between my "ugly" brother Bob and Girouard until Tom mentioned that Bob had made many trips to South Carolina, where Girouard lived and that there was also a strong tie back, through CEI to Klosterman. Basically Tom was telling me to be careful of this "investor". It was that information that made me not trust Girouard and feed him bad information just to see if it was made public by my loud mouthed brother Bob, which it was.


     John Rohner filed the first of his provisional patent applications November 2008. The expectation was for the 3 brothers to make a company and finish the engine since John understood the process and was a well accomplished Embedded Controller designer, and other such things, Bob was a machinist and graduate Mechanical Engineer and Tom was a programmer and sales type. Bob had been promising Tom and John for a couple years to get a new company going. What "Really" was happening was that the old Clean Energy Inc, (CEI) group was trying to use John Rohner's credentials and accomplishments to "hustle" investors, without John being allowed to meet them. John was not aware of all the stuff that had gone on "raising" and spending monies by these guys, for all these years. Once he did John actually "resigned" any further involvement with what Bob was trying to do. Bob made the mistake of telling John that it would be "impossible" for him to figure out and he was just a new face and not part of the CEI Group. John had spent his life doing "impossible" so he sat down and using his old data, from when he designed the Control system for Papp in 1981, and using good physics related the control to the process and back to the Physics. Not that hard for him and he filed the first provisional patent. Bob had been sending out "prospectus" like documents and having meetings without any real takers. Bob even stated. on his resume, that he worked for Papp International until 2004, to cover the engines he copied and sold at $50K each. Papp International went out of business in 1998. So, Bob has made $250,000 from stolen engine designs since these engines he manufactured were designed by Joe Papp for Papp International and Robert Rohner had lost his license to make one. Even funnier Bob had removed the Controller, designed by John Rohner and built and programmed by Tom Rohner and Tom Miller, and replaced it with a Relay Rack, like he shows now, that has never worked. Seems to John That he took of the critical part that did work just to use one that did not, so that the CEI guys could "milk" the technology, which they did to the tune of 18 to 23 Million dollars over the 1982 to 2013 timeframe. Bob has stated on various blogs that his "relay" unit is superior to the Controller John and Tom did, even though it worked and not a single one of the "Relay Racks" has ever worked. Like the "paint shaker" BS (Bob Speak)it points out the limited understanding of simple engineering.
     In 2008, John was working on a government contract, Future Combat, as a contractor which meant he had a very good income, John's income was between 165 and 340 thousand dollars per year depending on job and overtime, and money in the "sock" (before the Bush Bust John had over 2 million dollars in trust funds), as contractors call it, to start a company. Rohner continued to work as a contractor and work spare time on the engine for the first year. In 2010 the Republican Bush's Economic failures cost him his trust funds. But, The remaining money, plus monies that John's wife inherited from her mothers death, paid for everything into mid 2009 (and even as late as 2013), and the patent application later as well. Keep in Mind that Robert and Janet Rohner Stole over $61,000 from John and Connie as well. Bob's wife Janet is a College professor at a "catholic" college yet she was right there supporting her husbands criminal actions. Yes she knew she owned the house and that Bob sold it to Connie and that it had tax liens against it etc.
     Using some of his money John Incorporated several companies, even Rohner Motor, which it turns out did have a Papp International license, to Bob, that was voided because Bob failed to spend the $50 and make his own company. As he had done for over a year with Tom and John.
     A Friend of mine and I came up with a great name and without having to provide for my brothers, that name, PlasmERG was incorporated in Iowa. We had a group of 5 people involved, one would become the west liberty mayor. Our first meeting was at the Riverside, IA casino, for dinner.
     Bob was so unhappy that he decided the house he had sold us was not going to ever complete. He had made us an offer, 3 years earlier, to buy it from him and live in it. He had been trying to sell it but no buyers. So the deal was that we pay him $45K for it and he would buy it back in 5 years for $90K or we could sell it. Connie had given him a check for $39K stating when we "closed" he would get the remaining $9K. She did not trust him, no matter what I said. He was about to lose everything to foreclosure and this $39K was critical. In 3 years we never got so much as a receipt, except our check. Now, I had a patent application and he wanted us out. It was then that we found out just what he was and his wrath. Bob did not even own the house he took the check for. His wifey did. Turned out he owns nothing. Seems he got caught with his "girlfriend(s)" and she allowed him to stay, but on a tight string. He had also bankrupted the family (multimillion dollar per year) business, so it too was gone. The two, Bob and Janet, also partnered to steal from the rest of the family when Dad Died, as well. In any case we got kicked out of the house after putting nearly $100K into it and got zip. He is NOT suable. He had also learned about the visual side effects from me and actually put light pipes into the last copy of the "Papp International" engine he copied for $50K, he made 5 in total.
     Remember it was Bob that ripped the electronic Controller, John had designed and Tom built and Tom Miller programmed, off the Papp Engine, after certification and replaced it with the Relay mechanical mess that never worked. Always seemed strange to John that all these "super intellects" from CEI that took millions to "tinker" never asked why it quit working and stepped back to square one. John Had, and from that understood the engine. But that is Bob!
     John and Connie found a nice home in South English, bought it and moved there. The garage was converted to a "shop" and development started using the open weekends John had. He was contracted to "Future Combat" a multi billion dollar project the government was doing. From his salary and savings John bought all the test equipment, computers etc. needed to start the process and he found good partners to machine parts etc. He was the sole source of funding.
     John Rohner conferred with some friends, Mechanical, Electronic engineers, Physicists and other friends about the engine design and the Process verification formulas. It was quickly determined that the Papp Engine, as designed by Papp and machined by John Rohner's Family business, Rohner Machine Works, under the control of the chief machinist Robert Rohner, was not a valid design for any form of production. This Papp International owned engine design was not really an engine but was, like the previous engines, a "piston pushing" Top add on, like a head. It functioned by pushing down a piston that was actually a part of whatever Lower unit, "block", was the target. The Papp International engine, as designed by Papp, was simply a outer case that housed this same set of two distinct elements. The Other problem was that there was no way to seal this Papp International engine to make it reliable past 100 hours, calculated. So while the fuel and process was good for many months the physical engine was not. There had also been no work done to provide a fluid dynamics evaluation and this was also going to limit the engines power and reliability. The Chemistry of the Papp Design, with petroleum oil being pumped and maintained, was also a huge drawback as the petroleum would "naturally" capture both the Helium and Argon gas and thus "rob" the Fuel base. The last item was a mass production evaluation and the mechanical engineers, from engine manufacturers etc., knew that this twin in line design was overly complex and would not balance easily as a two stroke design. A look at the Papp designed Crank shaft in the Papp International engine shows clearly the huge counterweights needed and the Additional central bearing required.
     It was decided that either an opposed or wide V engine would be the best form for the engine as the power pulses were 180 degrees out of phase and thus additive to torque while being 26% more efficient than the Inline and requiring less counter balance to provide smooth operation. Bob Rohner has said many times this is a "Paint Shaker" design which shows how little he understands engine design. This design is used by many others, Yamaha, BMW, Porsche, VW, Subaru and many diesel engine companies, so it must not be too terrible.
     The form factor also provided the easiest training and expansion for 4, 6, 8, 10 etc cylinders and is scalable. Another big advantage is more subtle. By providing a "common" line of torque to the Crankshaft centerline there is no twist or offset load to the crankshaft mains and due to simplicity the bearings can be replaced with Ball bearings, sealed with "non petroleum" grease to provide a better less friction bearing with broader load bearing support, as the bearings roll. This then removes the "Petroleum leech" of the fuel as well and provides a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of thousands of hours, more in tune with the expected fuel and "wished for" run times. Any good engine designer can tell you these items. But not Bob Rohner or his TROLL Buddies.
     The fluid dynamics studies were done based on the information learned from the multi trillion dollar "Fusion generator" research and the fact that they start this with Plasma. Added to that was the fact that the "expansion" was multi dimensional and not linear. Most of this design and development was based on simulations and all of it is now part of new "provisional" patent applications. Later studies that related to the Thermal characteristics have also been designed in and also are parts of one or more new "Provisional" Patents.
     The control system was also designed for simplicity and ruggedness. John went back to his roots, the 1981 controller design and notes and understood it was overly complex in components. There was no need for the Cylinder capacitor, nor the "Reverse" voltage feedback, supposedly. A study of the patent and simulations provided a much simple and more efficient component set. Papp threw in the "inter cylinder" feedback as a way to confuse the reader and somehow get a mythical "perpetual motion" machine. Later John would "discover" that the use of a non magnetic Cylinder material and non magnetic piston would even further reduce the load as the "Reverse Voltage Generated" by the Piston as it traversed the coil would be negated resulting in less power needed to operate the engine. This created the current, circa 2013, control system and hardware structure.
     In 2009 John designed two Controllers, laid out the PC Boards, soldered the parts in, wrote the firmware and tested them.
     First; Since EEPROMS were no longer the element they once were he also designed a controller that "mimicked" the 1981 controller and it's program timing. The original 81-3 controller was never designed for use above 1000 RPM, and would become unstable. John was told, by Papp and his brother Tom that their "point of reference" was 900 RPM. Generators of the time ran that speed. The Control unit John created to Mimic the "81" was based on a single 8 bit Microcomputer and was very stable it even used the single TDC signal multiplied by 3600 to get timing.
     second was the first single board complete controller that embodied all the expected elements and their control. This board had a pair of microcomputers so that the input pulse steam could be better modeled like a standard automobile engine "reluctor", 36 teeth with one missing for TDC, as is used now. The second micro provided all the timing and switching functions and was programmed via a "Hardware Abstraction Layer" (HAL) that specified what happened at what degree and was somewhat flexible, not as much as today but a bunch for then.
     One part of this early "design" group was an American guy that designed Generators and lived in China. We still have 4 of his generators and Cummins uses these as well. They are a big step forward as they incorporate permanent magnets into the design structure. Since he had all the design notes and drawings he decided to machine up a few engines, John paid for these from his personal funds, since there were no others at this time. A friend of Johns, and a crack Machinist, who designed and built Really big and heavy duty vehicles, also made an engine.
     Now we are to July of 2009 and I had been chronicling these developments on my website. This is when Dr Girouard inquired about helping us. On July 28, 2009 he provided $100,000 and took a board seat. A couple days later he put in a few more thousand for his ex wife. John Keep working contract jobs to support the project and had the machinist provide one test engine from Steel. Girouard was at the shop one time and saw the engine move which made him feel better.
     John Rohner was selected by a part of the prestigious "Embedded Control" group to compete for a prize for his control system design. As many of you know his Brother, Bob, lied and harassed the prize committee until John was disqualified because of Bob's volume of emails and phone calls and threats etc. John was, and is, a well known and respected member of this field and while Robert's action did stop his chances for winning the prize it actually brought many who knew him to get in touch with him and provide their support. John and Connie did go to the Prize banquet, at the publishers expense and from the documents gathered now understand. Bob told the committee that he had patents that I had stolen and copyrights and you name it, right down to accusing me of killing my late wife (her killer is is a Colorado prison and Bob knows that). Bob did everything he could to insure I was thrown out. I actually only sent one email to them apologizing for Bob, sometimes as head of your family you must do something. Dr Girouard met us at the show in San Jose. He asked what it would take to get finished. I told him 2 million and he, and Connie, started looking for less expensive ways. We finally settled on a minimum of $500K and he said he would get that to the company as a loan. Since I had over $400K of my personal funds plus had not been paid for any of my time etc. I told him we would try it. We had both seen an engine move so we knew it would work.
     Unfortunately, Girouard could not do as he promised, but did provide $300,000. Since I was down to only about $150K in my personal monies I was worried. This money was used to hire a couple college students, one my son Matthew, to come in and help me out, and we better set up the Garage with tables tools etc. A friend from New York would also come in and help sometimes. This plus the work the Machinist did provided our first tests of an engine powered by plasma. We also bought 4 generators from China and he brought one of his engines to us to "play with". After a couple weeks in the heat John realized the garage was not going to work. John decided t buy a house so the "current" house, with the "Front room Lab" could be used for just business. Connie found a house 16 miles away and using her money, from her home in PA and some of what John still had they bought it. The South English house was "converted" to a shop, and since one of John's friends had come out from New York to help and slept there a place for him to stay, so he did not need to go to a motel and get a shower. It was decided that the "shop" should pay John $1000 per month rent, which was never collected. This worked out well as the "boys" took over one bedroom, the computer and server remained where it was and everything was more comfortable, for everyone.
     After Girouard joined us something strange happened. I gave him a "working document" that was really a copy of Klosterman's patent, that I was using for "boiler plate" before I filed the provisional. The main body had been rewritten since this was the forerunner to my filing for a real patent, as I did not know about the "Provisional" first process. The next thing I know, my Brother, Bob, is quoting from it. Bob even crowed about the "Examiner" already being assigned. I had not changed the data on that page, so it was still whatever had been done for Klosterman. Keep in Mind, that Bob Rohner and Klosteman are "Bosom" buddies as they started Clean Energy Inc. (CEI) many years before and had already sucked large amounts of monies, 18 to 23 Million, into their pockets. So why Bob thought that these guys on "my" patent were real is amusing as he evidently did not know his partners patent well. What this did do was made John start asking questions.
     The answer to these questions was very unsettling. John Knew about Bob and Klosterman and their scam CEI. But Tom told John, once, that Bob had made many trips to "South Carolina" and was collaborating with someone there. John was driving home when it hit him that Girouard was from "South Carolina" and even from the specific town, Tom had mentioned. John provided mis information to Girouard and sure enough Bob talked about it. John never spoke of nor showed Girouard the Patent application, which was his target. You will note, be;ow, this makes Girouard angry.
     Girouard did get a chance to stand next to a running engine albeit for a short time as the controller board lost a transistor. We did know a lot about making the engine work but had not gotten enough experience with the controller nor a reproducible engine and the Boy's had to get back to school. So in November with no money, of his or mine, left we stopped. I then took a contract to pay my bills and "maintain" things till the following spring. I also had some people wanting to invest more money.
     Now the expected Happens for real!!!
     In January, as I am working to just pay bills. Girouard breaches his Non Disclosure agreement (NDA) again and meets with Klosterman in January. In February he meets with Klosterman and Bob Rohner and gives them $500,000 and forms "Unity International" their new company. Feb 17 he sends the "Get out I own it now" email letter to me. Order out and such Girouard, to seal the deal then Sues himself and by June owns PlasmERG Iowa via this "hostile takeover". Iowa court case
     May 19, 2011 is the end of any interface, or responsibility, John Rohner can have with PlasmERG Iowa. Girouard never took possession of any of the assets and even the money in the bank, is still there. So while the Corporation is dormant, awaiting a "legal representative" and the $75 fee to be operational again it belongs lock stock and barrel to him. IF I felt like it I could become the "legal representative" and make the corporation suable.
     It should be noted here that Dr Michael Girouard is a multimillionaire (like most American doctors) with a string of "weight loss" clinics franchised in South Carolina etc. So when he got the Company, and his judgment, he did not even ask for any of the "Properties" he did not already have stolen. So everything was sold, physical, and otherwise, properties for "failure to pay" Simple things like rent, or storage fees, etc. and there is still money in the bank account. John Rohner can not touch this money as the account is "PlasmERG Iowa" and not his. So, PlasmERG Iowa is still a viable company in Iowa belonging to Girouard. John is sure that his "forgetting" to retrieve his complaint from the SEC was just a simple mistake as otherwise it is perjury and libel against Rohner, since it is easily proven false and the catalyst for the SEC action, so each investor could also sue and that would put his "empire" into trouble. :0)
     Here is a sample of what is due his ex workers and people that helped him out.

     Warning: The SEC thinks that this "Hostile Takeover", as documented, did not happen because "They Say so and they are GOD".

     On his birthday, April, John and Connie went to Las Vegas and while there found a group that was "supposed" to "fund" and "restart them" in June John did move himself to Vegas and created "Inteligentry" and because he "owned the name" a bookmark called "PlasmERG" as corporations in Nevada.

     PlasmERG (Nevada) was created, but before Inteligentry could expand to the point it needed to expand and use this "BookMark" Inteligentry was attacked by it's own internal employees and a Wannabee Energy whiz who has no business sense but lots of mouth, Sterling Allen. Unfortunately Sterling, with his "infinite intelligence" of the business world and how to start a company and make one go, which he has never done, as he just begs and gets monies from companies like Inteligentry, yes we "donated" to our own demise in him. Sterling, in league with Bob, Tana Kane and Dan Glover were able to bring down a viable company that was weeks away from success. He was almost as good as "CEO Space". I wish anyone that trusts any information to him the best as he will use it as long as it makes him money and then use it against you to make him more. He is nothing in any way knowledgeable of any form of Power, Engineering nor Business. We expected him to abide his contract, multiple Non Disclosure Agreements and he breached them all and like a good TROLL cost the world what should be happening NOW.. So trust him if you wish but expect him to stab you in the back at first chance to make money off your carcass or whenever he feels he can and don't expect him to keep anything secret or keep any trust. I am sure that his Mormon preaching's must have served him well.


     Some bad news for the EX PlasmERG, INC (IOWA)people.

     As everyone knows PlasmERG Iowa was taken over by Dr. Michael Girouard, currently also the partner of Klosterman with "Unity International" and rumored to also now have joined Robert Rohner, as well. For nearly 30 years Klosterman and Robert Rohner ran CEI and "milked" the technology, so the latter is probable.
     After numerous offers to buy PlasmERG Iowa, for 2 to 8 million dollars, turned down by Girouard's buddy and accountant/lawyer Brennan, Girouard was given the company per his orders and became entirely responsible for it in March of 2011. Girouard promptly sued himself and dumped all assets, investors, ex employees etc in a hole and went on creating more "Weight loss" clinics and watching the $500,000 he gave Klosterman disappear.
     Rohner, who did not wish to see these investors lose their money, or go though a law suit, as he will now, to get his back wages etc. John picked up these investors and even ex employees that had also been screwed by Girouard's, and Brennan's, greed and provided "conditional" Inteligentry Investment to cover their loses. Had the investors meeting March 23rd happened they would now be stockholders. But March 23rd, because of some people's GREED and stupidity, did not happen because of the March FBI and SEC co sponsored legal stuff.
     Therefore, Rohner has now been advised that what he could have done then, he can not now. Not because that from his heart and good sense it was wrong, BUT because of Girouard's complaint. The SEC and FBI, have allowed Girouard as a complainant and with him, his illusion that PlasmERG Iowa is somehow the alter ego of PlasmERG Nevada. Notice they used July 2009 as their starting date. That was Girouard's date of first stock purchase. If you read the SEC response you will also see they make it clear they are working for Girouard.
     Clearly this is not any fact as Girouard even states he has taken all control and John and Connie must resign "all" control to him. The Iowa Federal court makes no bones about the fact that John is "no party" to the lawsuit. So it clearly is a "hostile takeover" to the world, EXCEPT Girouard, and the SEC/FBI joint team. Notice their latest try to get rid of the attorneys is to "protect" the $300,000 for Girouard.

     The long and short of it is that all free (gratis) Inteligentry Investment issued to anyone from PlasmERG Iowa by John Rohner is now void. Email me if you need further information but you will all now need to join me in suing PlasmERG Iowa for your money. Girouard is a multi millionaire with a huge franchise business of weight loss "clinics" and he owns competitive positions against Inteligentry, so he has plenty of bucks to pay the few thousands he owes you and the several million he owes me. Let me know by Email if you wish to join in my lawsuit or wish to take your own. But as of now all Investment provided to any EX PlasmERG Iowa person, is voided.

Join my lawsuit against Girouard!
     As I said this was not what I wanted, but the law is the law and the court is the court and I am just another peon.
     So now you know.
     The Investors can thank Tana and Dan. They are the worms in the FBI and SEC ears and why this is happening. They also have founded their own company with a licensee from India and a Master from Australia. SO, the FBI and SEC had "INSIDE" help and still got it wrong.


     The GREEDIES came in, plundered, raped, pillaged and drove PlasmERG out of business.

     The usual "HOSTILE TAKEOVER" GRABOID by people that could not have it succeed and take their monies, after over 25 years trying (CEI). So PlasmERG is GONE NOW!


    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.

   In 2007 John Rohner started looking at the patents, written in normal patenteze, and such, and one night it hit him. He knew exactly how it worked. So he queried Haik and some friends in the Fusion, Fission and Plasma research areas about what they thought of his solution. All had heard of the "Papp" motor and knew it was a "scam" created by CEI to raise money. They were all surprised that John had two brothers who actually saw it work. Their immediate answer was "no way". But the next morning things changed and John started getting excited calls about how unique this was and how it crossed boundaries, not expected. These were typical research scientists, so the next John knew they had created, between them, a Math model and had proven the process. Since then they have been having fun with trying different ideas and fuels.

     In 2008, John started writing his US Patent papers and applications, about 128 pages, then discovered, as he was having them reviewed, how expensive it was going to be, ~$21K each.  Then he was told about provisional patents which were quicker, less expensive and if well done easy to transfer to permanent. So, he created a detailed provisional for filing. The patents would be automatic,  if the provisional  was written good and was detailed enough. So each provisional was over 90 pages to be sure to cover it WELL. Since Haik had been helping him verify the process he became the "co", so that a single bullet could not stop it. The provincial covers the Process, Control, mechanical modern motor, fuel. It starts from our patents and the 1982's motor to current, as no part of this had ever been copyrighted. He then modernized the hardware and process, using 3D Engineering techniques and Modeled Simulations.

    Now armed with a provisional patent, John created a business plan to get others licensed and quickly get the technology available to mankind. He formed Four corporations, expecting his brothers to join him. Bob for Motors, Tom for Controllers and John would handle intellectual property license and customer training etc.. 
    Unfortunately Bob had a different "business" plan, he wanted to be the "only" manufacturer and get all the money, much like Papp. (GREED). Bob also believed, as he has said so many times, that since HE worked with Papp only HE owned the technology, Patent or NO patent.  Needless to say Robert turned John Down. Presumably, because Bob would not join Tom did not either.  dashing John's hopes for a "family" business. 
   Then Robert proceeded to tell John he was a majority stock holder, and founder of CEI and threatened to sue on CEI's behalf if John did not sign over the Patents to him.   Robert using CEI was, and is, trying to raise funding from anyone, except himself. Sure enough CEI's official site has him as a officer as of April 2009.

    In 2009 -- John found some great people to join him and they created the PlasmERG group of company's. The company has also found great research groups and co developers in other countries, like China, Canada and ???, to develop with and test.  The MORE MAKING ENGINES MEANS THE MORE AVAILABLE SOONER.
The company would like to be very open and tell everyone who is working on what. And show some of their working products and tests. BUT.... Robert Rohner has spent these last years harassing, threatening, crying, trying to get patents etc. from John, AND HAIK. So, PlasmERG has decided to insure that his rage goes no further than John, many things that the company would like to share, can not be, Particularly Names of those working or involved. They are sure if this information is public Robert will harass these people too. Remember "HE OWNS the TECHNOLOGY" Patent or NO PATENT, in his mind. Thus John will not show progress points nor announce any running engines until there is the capability to deliver on orders from production. 

    In late 2009 -- the Permanent patent was filed and the Papp patents have been re discovered and expanded using the discoveries that PlasmERG had made. In 2011 the Patent was published. but due to errors by the USPTO it is back to "pending" now.

     In 2010 John Rohner made it official The Plasmic Transition Process(tm)  is that process by which the engine works.  The name for the process "Plasmic Transition Process"  has also been applied for a trademark for universal protection. 

  In Feb of 2011 The companies backer breached his contract and invested $500,000 into Klosterman, who he knew from his connection to Robert Rohner, unknown to John. Then he issued a very nasty order to John to give him the company or else. See what happens when you show a running engine to someone.. John was forced to give PlasmERG Iowa to Girouard and the deal was settled, even further when the US Dist Court gave it to him again in July.

   John then found funding in Las Vegas and founded Inteligentry to continue the work and with tree weeks left till the engine was to have been presented to the "Investors" and without knowing they were a "disruptive" Technology the FBI/SEC shut the company down and grabbed, at gunpoint, all the assets and froze the bank etc. That case is ongoing and can be followed on the Pages.

  NOW Plasmic Technology Process and Control Systems Consulting is the group of ex Inteligentry Investors and ex employees, that wishes to get this technology finally produced and used to help our environment. Since the Engine drawings and control Electronics were already published they have redesigned the control system and rewritten the critical Firmware, lost in the FBI Raid. John Rohner hopes the investors, who had all their hopes and dreams and money stolen by the SEC will recoup and become successful as the US Government will have a much tougher time Killing this technology again as they are working with OFF SHORE manufacturers FIRST.

They are researching Generator sets, water pumps, aircraft and boat engines, and fully electric, No big bulky expensive batteries to plug in every 60 miles, Car that will be all wheel electric drive capable of more that 80 MPH and run many months on $12.

        Someone, I won't mention names, has mistakenly started a rumor that the Plasmic Transition Process patents will not be good because they did not "discover" the process when Papp did. The reason for this comment is simple; they want to raise money for their pockets. Our suggestion to them is to find a patent attorney and have him correct you. Our original discovery was proven by a motor in 1983, but it was allowed to lapse, voided, and without duplication proof. It was never replicated.  The Plasmic Transition Technology and Discovery is being replicated right now and it is also being done in many countries, SO it is being SHARED.


IT'S SUCH A PITY, and too bad my Lil Brother, Bob, can not stand on his OWN two FEET, YET!!
I notice that my lil brother Bob continues to use my youngest Brother, Tom As a "Fund Raiser",
Bob even presents Tom's resume, as if Tom was alive. Hoping to make you feel "pity"
for BOBBY. Bob seems to forget that Tom Died Of Cancer, Some time ago,
Maybe as a result of the "Radio Active" components Bob subjected him too.
Tom did not wish to join Bob. Tom did all he could to convince Bob to get us, brothers,
all together when John made them the offer to make a REAL Company. Bob refused.
Tom and I talked many times about how the engine worked and Tom was sure I had it
right and Bob "would never get it", which Bob has not, even after 30 some years.
Tom was very happy when, after months of being told by Bob that he had done it for us,
I formed "Rohner Motor", This upset Bob because his plan was to Resurrect CEI.
     Tom's "objection" to being a part of the SCAM, CEI, is what that made Tom
to finally create "Rohner Group". Which Bob has now taken over.......
I was very sorry that Tom Died. I get asked why did I not go to the funeral.
Simply put, it was Bob's threats against me and my Family so none of us went.
     Ask Bob why Tom had to die outside the USA? Treatments were available here to cure him.
I don't need your PITY! I would never use my Brothers death, and your Pity, as Bob is.
So, Tom I am sorry for what your stupid older brother is doing with your memory.
As the Head of the Rohner Family, all I can say is my lil brother, Bob, is an AH to go with his BS.
Too bad Bob can not stand on his own two feet and be honest for once in his life. BUT!
Tom was a good person, he even apologized for the misdeeds of the linear's, paid for his tickets when we went to concerts, etc. Not Bob.
May My little brother Tom Rest in peace, luckily unknowing he is being exploited.
I DO Miss Him. He was a GOOD Brother and lived a good life. Betty and I both miss you, Tom! "WOW BOB!!!"

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