Plasmic Transition Process History
Part 2! (1985 - 2007)
The attempt to "grab" and "control" the Technology.

    Here are some interesting developments by "parties" to try and grab control and monopolize the Engine and do so in a way so as to leave OUR Investment with nothing and them with EVERYTHING.

     Robert Rohner, see above, when asked about how much money he was given to create and work on the motor said he got nothing, NO money at all, not even for metal or parts. So, either Papp was pocketing the money and not paying for Rohner's services or ...  
     OK. here's a real tricky thing. Why would Robert keep it up for 5 years..? See the Documents for the REAL Payback. Robert  had a "exclusive" Worldwide manufacturing license from Papp, not Papp International
    Interesting when you consider that after Papp's death Papp International got nothing but silence from Rohner.
    AND, Robert Rohner went on to "claim" Papps patents as his and later his CEI companies. He also claims that HE was told "special" things by Papp that only he knows. But after 26 years, the last 4 with the supposed "certified" motor, has not even learned enough to get a new Patent. Guess none of these investors, in CEI etc., ever checked the US patent office about who did own the patents. HE DOES NOT and DID NOT.

    It should be noted also that Robert Rohner Manufactured 5 more engines, without any approval from Papp International. He sold these, or leased them by other accounts, to people for 50 thousand dollars each and failed to use the most important part, the controller. Instead he ginned up, since he is not electronic, a version of Papps old controller done with relays which Never worked
and would never work.

   When Joe Papp Died we did not find out about it from those who we were paying to help him. We were not told that we could extend the patent etc.
   All information to us went silent.

   Later it has come to light that the reason for this was so others could "claim" they owned the patents and raise millions more for their pockets. Even Rohner, who was still trusted. was silent to us.

      Back to history:  PAPP'S DEATH Onward

    After Papp's death it came to light that the IRS was about to seize his property, and everything, because he NEVER paid any taxes. They came through his Florida mansion and trucked everything, including the running motor and all, off into a IRS Impound area until it all could be auctioned off to pay his back taxes. As we learned later, when we tried to bid on it, after the motor was entered into the Impound it was somehow lost in all the storage they had there in Florida and could not be found.

     Papp did not divulge how to actually make the motor run to anyone so, when Papp died, the engine died with him. 

     Contrary to the "stories" told by many, the Papp International patents were NEVER owned by anyone else. But, for over 25 years, and even now, people and companies are telling investors they "own the Technology" and patents and taking money for a lie. Papp International has and do own these.
  So, after millions of dollars, invested, no one had discovered how Papp did it. Part of this problem was that the patents filed were misleading and incomplete. The other was Greed. No one wished to kill the "money cow" that was filling their pockets. No worry was ever made about what mankind needed.

      In 1992 Rohner Machine Works went Bankrupt, stopping any further interest from Bob or Tom. Janet, Robert's wife, created Rohner Engineering, with Robert at the helm, which lasted till it went out of business in 2004.

   In 2003 the last of Papp's patents died. The motor was awaiting someone to understand the process and patent it again.
    Several people and companies secured investment money to "recreate" it, but none understood the process, they just made their money. Primary of these was a company Robert Rohner Founded called Clean Energy Inc., or CEI.  CEI raised over 15 million dollars over the years and got nowhere except  ...well..made..Spent money

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