The Keeper of the PAPP legacy.

A short History for those of you unfamiliar with the past of this process.

A Hungarian refugee named Joe Papp discovered a strange event as he was working in a lab. Joe was not a physicist so he muddled around and finally created an explosion. He first patented this process as an explosive. Then he started to tinker with the idea of creating a motor.  Since he was self trained, his understanding of the Gas mixer remained as similar to his lab. He also patented that.

Pre 1975 - Trying partners
    Papp and Sabori and Others get together make working motors and fall apart. These first motors, until 1982, were really machines that replaced the cylinder head and bolted to the pistons of the "HOST" engine.  Pretty crude but they did run and were good for his next patent.  His first motors, until 1982, were really machines that replaced the cylinder head and bolted to the pistons. Pretty crude but they did run and were good for his next patent. These Motors did run and in the case of Sabori did create a later working motor as well. This motor is chronicled in the Video Sabori put out public several years ago in response to the claim that the 1982-1983 engine built by the Papp International Company was the Original. There is no question that the 1982 - 1983 engine was more modern but it was far from the first to work properly and demonstrate the process. The Sabori Motor was a better showcase for the actual process and had they examined it in 1985 the motor would have evolved instead of going nowhere.

1975-1985 - The Papp International Period.
   In 1975, after several abortive attempts at getting the technologies to production, Joseph Papp joined with a group of Farmers, manufacturers and others to form a corp called Papp International. Papp International was then the company that fully funded, with millions of dollars, the exploits of Joe Papp. They did so right up to his death. 

   The original patents were filed by Joseph Papp. It was, and still is, assigned to  a group of business men from Missouri and Kansas who financed him and all he did from 1975 to 1985. They are called "Papp international" and they are still listed as the owners of the Papp patents even though these patents are lapsed so no longer valid, "stale".  

  Everything Papp did was funded and paid for by Papp International. That included paying for all wages, parts, materials and such.

     In 1980, Robert Rohner got together with Papp and became an employee of Papp International. Bob machined a real mechanical engine based on Joe Papps designs. Tom Rohner, because John Rohner was too busy with his own clients and contracts,  converted the mechanical control unit a quasi electronic controller, using a design provided by John, free. It is antiquated by today's standards, but it did what was needed then and was very important because it was this controller that actually gave the motor the control it needed to operate.

       In 1982 - 1983, this motor was sent to Florida, from Iowa where it was machined and assembled. It was in our shop in Florida that Papp got it running into a dynometer. This is the certified motor seen running in the historical videos.
   NOW, Here is an interesting note about this period. Papp International provided all the funding for Papp, multi millions of dollars,  from 1975 through 1985. You will note this covers the "Running" motor time. Papp International rightly assumed that, with this investment, they would be the manufacturer and actually started planning to do that in Missouri. 

     Robert Rohner, see above, when asked about how much money he was given to create and work on the motor said he got nothing, NO money at all, not even for metal or parts. So, either Papp was pocketing the money and not paying for Rohner's services or ...  
     OK. here's a real tricky thing. Why would Robert keep it up for 5 years..? See the Documents for the REAL Payback. Robert  had a "exclusive" Worldwide manufacturing license from Papp, not Papp International
    Interesting when you consider that after Papp's death Papp International got nothing but silence from Rohner.
    AND, Robert Rohner went on to "claim" Papps patents as his and later his CEI companies. He also claims that HE was told "special" things by Papp that only he knows. But after 26 years, the last 4 with the supposed "certified" motor, has not even learned enough to get a new Patent. Guess none of these investors, in CEI etc., ever checked the US patent office about who did own the patents. HE DOES NOT and DID NOT.

    It should be noted also that Robert Rohner Manufactured 5 more engines, without any approval from Papp International. He sold these, or leased them by other accounts, to people for 50 thousand dollars each and failed to use the most important part, the controller. Instead he ginned up, since he is not electronic, a version of Papps old controller done with relays which Never worked
and would never work.

   When Joe Papp Died we did not find out about it from those who we were paying to help him. We were not told that we could extend the patent etc.
   All information to us went silent.

   Later it has come to light that the reason for this was so others could "claim" they owned the patents and raise millions more for their pockets. Even Rohner, who was still trusted. was silent to us.

      Back to history:  PAPP'S DEATH Onward

    After Papp's death it came to light that the IRS was about to seize his property, and everything, because he NEVER paid any taxes. They came through his Florida mansion and trucked everything, including the running motor and all, off into a IRS Impound area until it all could be auctioned off to pay his back taxes. As we learned later, when we tried to bid on it, after the motor was entered into the Impound it was somehow lost in all the storage they had there in Florida and could not be found.

     Papp did not divulge how to actually make the motor run to anyone so, when Papp died, the engine died with him. 

     Contrary to the "stories" told by many, the Papp International patents were NEVER owned by anyone else. But, for over 25 years, and even now, people and companies are telling investors they "own the Technology" and patents and taking money for a lie. Papp International has and do own these.
  So, after millions of dollars, invested, no one had discovered how Papp did it. Part of this problem was that the patents filed were misleading and incomplete. The other was Greed. No one wished to kill the "money cow" that was filling their pockets. No worry was ever made about what mankind needed.

      In 1992 Rohner Machine Works went Bankrupt, stopping any further interest from Bob or Tom. Janet, Robert's wife, created Rohner Engineering, with Robert at the helm, which lasted till it went out of business in 2004.

   In 2003 the last of Papp's patents died. The motor was awaiting someone to understand the process and patent it again.
    Several people and companies secured investment money to "recreate" it, but none understood the process, they just made their money. Primary of these was a company Robert Rohner Founded called Clean Energy Inc., or CEI.  CEI raised over 15 million dollars over the years and got nowhere except  ...well..made..Spent money

   In 2007 John Rohner started looking at the patents, written in normal patenteze, and such, and one night it hit him. He knew exactly how it worked. So he queried Haik and some friends in the Fusion, Fission and Plasma research areas about what they thought of his solution. All had heard of the "Papp" motor and knew it was a "scam" created by CEI to raise money. They were all surprised that John had two brothers who actually saw it work. Their immediate answer was "no way". But the next morning things changed and John started getting excited calls about how unique this was and how it crossed boundaries, not expected. These were typical research scientists, so the next John knew they had created, between them, a Math model and had proven the process. Since then they have been having fun with trying different ideas and fuels.

     In 2008, John started writing his US Patent papers and applications, about 128 pages, then discovered, as he was having them reviewed, how expensive it was going to be, ~$21K each.  Then he was told about provisional patents which were quicker, less expensive and if well done easy to transfer to permanent. So, he created a detailed provisional for filing. The patents would be automatic,  if the provisional  was written good and was detailed enough. So each provisional was over 90 pages to be sure to cover it WELL. Since Haik had been helping him verify the process he became the "co", so that a single bullet could not stop it. The provincial covers the Process, Control, mechanical modern motor, fuel. It starts from our patents and the 1982's motor to current, as no part of this had ever been copyrighted. He then modernized the hardware and process, using 3D Engineering techniques and Modeled Simulations.

    Now armed with a provisional patent, John created a business plan to get others licensed and quickly get the technology available to mankind. He formed Four corporations, expecting his brothers to join him. Bob for Motors, Tom for Controllers and John would handle intellectual property license and customer training etc.. 
    Unfortunately Bob had a different "business" plan, he wanted to be the "only" manufacturer and get all the money, much like Papp. (GREED). Bob also believed, as he has said so many times, that since HE worked with Papp only HE owned the technology, Patent or NO patent.  Needless to say Robert turned John Down. Presumably, because Bob would not join Tom did not either.  dashing John's hopes for a "family" business. 
   Then Robert proceeded to tell John he was a majority stock holder, and founder of CEI and threatened to sue on CEI's behalf if John did not sign over the Patents to him.   Robert using CEI was, and is, trying to raise funding from anyone, except himself. Sure enough CEI's official site has him as a officer as of April 2009.

    In 2009 -- John found some great people to join him and they created the PlasmERG group of company's. The company has also found great research groups and co developers in other countries, like China, Canada and ???, to develop with and test.  The MORE MAKING ENGINES MEANS THE MORE AVAILABLE SOONER.
The company would like to be very open and tell everyone who is working on what. And show some of their working products and tests. BUT.... Robert Rohner has spent these last years harassing, threatening, crying, trying to get patents etc. from John, AND HAIK. So, PlasmERG has decided to insure that his rage goes no further than John, many things that the company would like to share, can not be, Particularly Names of those working or involved. They are sure if this information is public Robert will harass these people too. Remember "HE OWNS the TECHNOLOGY" Patent or NO PATENT, in his mind. Thus John will not show progress points nor announce any running engines until there is the capability to deliver on orders from production. 

    In late 2009 -- the Permanent patent was filed and the Papp patents have been re discovered and expanded using the discoveries that PlasmERG had made. In 2011 the Patent was published. but due to errors by the USPTO it is back to "pending" now.

     In 2010 John Rohner made it official The Plasmic Transition Process(tm)  is that process by which the engine works.  The name for the process "Plasmic Transition Process"  has also been applied for a trademark for universal protection. 

  In Feb of 2011 The companies backer breached his contract and invested $500,000 into Klosterman, who he knew from his connection to Robert Rohner, unknown to John. Then he issued a very nasty order to John to give him the company or else. See what happens when you show a running engine to someone.. John was forced to give PlasmERG Iowa to Girouard and the deal was settled, even further when the US Dist Court gave it to him again in July.

   John then found funding in Las Vegas and founded Inteligentry to continue the work and with tree weeks left till the engine was to have been presented to the "Investors" and without knowing they were a "disruptive" Technology the FBI/SEC shut the company down and grabbed, at gunpoint, all the assets and froze the bank etc. That case is ongoing and can be followed on the www.inteligentry.com Pages.

  NOW Plasmic Technology Process and Control Systems Consulting is the group of ex Inteligentry Investors and ex employees, that wishes to get this technology finally produced and used to help our environment. Since the Engine drawings and control Electronics were already published they have redesigned the control system and rewritten the critical Firmware, lost in the FBI Raid. John Rohner hopes the investors, who had all their hopes and dreams and money stolen by the SEC will recoup and become successful as the US Government will have a much tougher time Killing this technology again as they are working with OFF SHORE manufacturers FIRST.

They are researching Generator sets, water pumps, aircraft and boat engines, and fully electric, No big bulky expensive batteries to plug in every 60 miles, Car that will be all wheel electric drive capable of more that 80 MPH and run many months on $12.

        Someone, I won't mention names, has mistakenly started a rumor that the Plasmic Transition Process patents will not be good because they did not "discover" the process when Papp did. The reason for this comment is simple; they want to raise money for their pockets. Our suggestion to them is to find a patent attorney and have him correct you. Our original discovery was proven by a motor in 1983, but it was allowed to lapse, voided, and without duplication proof. It was never replicated.  The Plasmic Transition Technology and Discovery is being replicated right now and it is also being done in many countries, SO it is being SHARED.

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