Plasmic Transition Process History
Part 1! (1971 - 1991)

Papp International Inc.

   Papp International WAS "Papp" and it was all there is, or was of his legacy, Past.

    This Corp was formed in 1975.

    From 1975 until 1991 This was the one entity that did own the Papp Technology and supported Joseph Papp, his research and patents.
   THIS IS the Company that DOES, and has since they were originally filed, OWN the PAPP patents. If you look at the patents you will find their name, no one else's, on these patents.

   This Company was the source of ALL monies from 1975 till Joe Papp died. They provided all the money Jo Papp spent on research, parts, equipment and salaries to all who helped him.

    So, unlike some others claim, Papp International does own everything that was designed, developed, produced, assembled or tested by by Joe or his workers.
    Reminder Note: Robert and Tom Rohner, were employees of Papp International so anything they did with, or without, "Joe" still belongs to Ppapp International. Just because you worked with someone does not give you ownership of any technologies or products

   They PAID FOR IT ALL .... SO, They OWN IT ALL.

A short History for those of you unfamiliar with the past of this process.

A Hungarian refugee named Joe Papp discovered a strange event as he was working in a lab. Joe was not a physicist so he muddled around and finally created an explosion. He first patented this process as an explosive. Then he started to tinker with the idea of creating a motor.  Since he was self trained, his understanding of the Gas mixer remained as similar to his lab. He also patented that.

Pre 1975 - Trying partners
    Papp and Sabori and Others get together make working motors and fall apart. These first motors, until 1982, were really machines that replaced the cylinder head and bolted to the pistons of the "HOST" engine.  Pretty crude but they did run and were good for his next patent.  His first motors, until 1982, were really machines that replaced the cylinder head and bolted to the pistons. Pretty crude but they did run and were good for his next patent. These Motors did run and in the case of Sabori did create a later working motor as well. This motor is chronicled in the Video Sabori put out public several years ago in response to the claim that the 1982-1983 engine built by the Papp International Company was the Original. There is no question that the 1982 - 1983 engine was more modern but it was far from the first to work properly and demonstrate the process. The Sabori Motor was a better showcase for the actual process and had they examined it in 1985 the motor would have evolved instead of going nowhere.

1975-1985 - The Papp International Period.
   In 1975, after several abortive attempts at getting the technologies to production, Joseph Papp joined with a group of Farmers, manufacturers and others to form a corp called Papp International. Papp International was then the company that fully funded, with millions of dollars, the exploits of Joe Papp. They did so right up to his death. 

   The original patents were filed by Joseph Papp. It was, and still is, assigned to  a group of business men from Missouri and Kansas who financed him and all he did from 1975 to 1985. They are called "Papp international" and they are still listed as the owners of the Papp patents even though these patents are lapsed so no longer valid, "stale".  

  Everything Papp did was funded and paid for by Papp International. That included paying for all wages, parts, materials and such.

     In 1980, Robert Rohner got together with Papp and became an employee of Papp International. Bob machined a real mechanical engine based on Joe Papps designs. Tom Rohner, because John Rohner was too busy with his own clients and contracts,  converted the mechanical control unit a quasi electronic controller, using a design provided by John, free. It is antiquated by today's standards, but it did what was needed then and was very important because it was this controller that actually gave the motor the control it needed to operate.

       In 1982 - 1983, this motor was sent to Florida, from Iowa where it was machined and assembled. It was in our shop in Florida that Papp got it running into a dynometer. This is the certified motor seen running in the historical videos.
   NOW, Here is an interesting note about this period. Papp International provided all the funding for Papp, multi millions of dollars,  from 1975 through 1985. You will note this covers the "Running" motor time. Papp International rightly assumed that, with this investment, they would be the manufacturer and actually started planning to do that in Missouri. 


    We Start with some supporting Documents between Robert Rohner and us. These are available to view, or download, by clicking the underlined label.

    FIRST --  the "ORIGINAL AGREEMENT" between Rohner and Papp

    This is the May 1981 agreement signed by Joe FOR Papp International.  Notice that John Rohner (now PlasmERG) is mentioned as one of those with knowledge and allowed to have such knowledge, which he used to re discover the process that made it work in 2008, and that John is NOT a party to "Rohner", or "Rohner Machine". With this contract "Rohner" gets "compensated" for their work, hardware and are allowed "Freedom to Experiment" now and future by their allowance to use Papp International secrets, but NOT own it.

  Second is the "LICENSE AGREEMENT" between Rohner and Papp.

    This agreement of July 8, 1982 with Rohner Engine Inc. signed by Joe FOR Papp International, who had put up all the money and owned all the patents and was preparing to manufacture also, was "non-exclusive and non transferable". This License speaks for itself. This contract specifies that a payment will be made to use the Papp International Intellectual Property. None was ever made. Also that the engine will be named the "Papp Engine", not Rohner Engine. And that all property, Intellectual or Hardware is the property of Papp International without further expense. It also stipulates what happens if Rohner does not manufacture. Rohner Engine failed and was abandoned in 1983. So "Rohner" had no rights to use of IP, Hardware or any other properties of Papp International.
    It should also be noted that it says it was signed in Florida, Yet these witnesses were never there. hmmm..


    But Bob and Tom Rohner Failed to Form a corp and produce per their July 8, 1982 agreement, after nearly 5 years not even a Company was formed by them so they lost their "rights" to the engine. SO here is what REALLY happened next.

    Most of you do not know this, but, on January 5, 1989 after decided that Rohner Motor (a Robert Rohner company) that never existed, or formed, but had a agreement, (see above agreement for details), Nor looked as if it was ever going to get formed and going.

    Papp International then decided to dump Rohner and change who they licensed to. So they could make some money.

SO, Jimmy Sabori and Joe Papp (Papp International) put together a agreement for Jimmy Sabori to join with Papp International and create a new company a new company called P & S Energy (Papp and Sabori Energy)) in which Papp International held a 51% share.

    Here is a copy of that agreement Papp and Sabori agreement

    So, while the Rohner Boys, and Heintz Klosterman, were starting CEI (Clean Energy Inc.) by funneling Papp International data and hardware to them and collecting monies from investors for CEI, the company, that Robert worked for (according to Bob's own Resume until 2004), had a agreement, and license, in place to support Sabori, NOT ROHNER.

    It is also interesting that there is no mention in the Papp International Bankruptcy of Aug 18, 1991 per this Bankruptcy Dismissal Document that any "Rohner", or company other than as previously agreed, had ANY rights to the Papp IP. Fact is the court left it with Papp International even the stockholders may not have access to it without a specific court order.

    Also it is CLEAR that Sabori DID run several engines and perform a good deal of relevant and useful experimentation AFTER PAPP's Death. So, Sorry Bob and Tom but there WERE engines that ran after the 1983 engine and that you, NOR TOM, had ANYTHING to do with.

    I hope this makes things clearer as to who had what and did what, as it seems to me a lot of misinformation has been spread. Can we all say BS (Bob Speak)?


    In 2003 the last of the Papp patents died, we had not been informed about "extending" them as many others wished these to go stale for their own reasons. So the Process, Technology and the motor was awaiting someone to "re discover" it and finally get it re patented and available to the world.

Documentation and Patents for Reading.

So you can have a more complete understanding of the History
and OUR patents and Technology and the Papp International Engine.

    OUR PATENTS -  and other Papp Related patents   

Papp Engine ---  US Patent 815843

Papp Engine --  US Patent 3670494

Papp Explosive - US Patent 3680431

Papp Engine ---- US Patent 4428193

Disclaimer: Patents from US Patent Office as maintained by the US Government and freely available from their website.

   For Those of you that have never seen this, and have questioned it's existence, because someone was trying to keep it as their "personal" property, to aggrandize their part of it, and not make it a public document.

    Based on the 1982 - 1983 Papp International engine.
    This "Papp Engine" was designed and specified by Joseph Papp. It which was machined and built, for Papp International, By Rohner Machine Works, now defunct, with mechanical machine work and assembly assistance from Robert Rohner and electronics designed by John Rohner and programmed, as used, by Tom Rohner and Tom Miller and with the help of several others, as seen in the videos.
This engine was first run in our shop in Florida by Joe Papp, who made the "final" mods and "tweeks" to make it work.
    This became the "Certified Running" engine. This test engine was built with a 4.25 inch stroke and 3.00 inch Bore for ~60 CID.452 Liter, two cylinder in line normally lubed.  The noise in some videos is the Oil pan pumping system hitting the crank.
    Joe then took this engine, after much pressure from us and others, to have it certified by our friends at  Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK. This test was done specifically by Dr. George J. Nolan, Professor of Chemistry with the help of Dennis L. Hodges who was a experienced engine tester.

Here is the "Feb. 1983 PAPP Engine CERTIFICATION Document"     for your viewing.

Here are the "Important" findings after a one hour and 6 minute run :
1.  "the engine did run and was certified at 107 hp in February of 1983 by a Oklahoma University group. 

      During the run the engine was operated between 100 and 726 RPM. At 726 RPM it produced 776 ft-lb of torque for 107 HP with a torque rise of 418 % . The dynometer used was a certified AW, which was checked and calibrated prior to the Tests. The certifying professor is willing to discuss the testing. This document was sent to the UP Patent Office which has it logged as well.

    The engine was operated at 726 rpm producing 776 ft-lb of torque 107 HP with a torque rise of 418%.

2. "it produced no heat and required no cooling". Our historical videos, see video page, and those of engines from Saboni through this 1983 Papp International also show this as being true, people
     touch the motor without pain.

3. After started the engine required NO outside electrical input,  Noise level was comperable to a low
     RPM electric motor, quiet, ran cool and passed all expectations.

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