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This is the Plasmic Transition Technology specific
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WARNING!!! Work on any device that uses PLASMA
is illegal in the USA!!!

By order of Judge Richard F. Boulware, II, US Dist Court Las Vegas, NV



Current US MAIL address is: PO Box 9011 - PMB 5555, Calexico, CA. 92232-9011
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WE HOPE TO OPENLY make THIS "PLANET SAVING" new technology available to all & GET IT into use, as quickly as possible.
     Providing a more livable world for our kids & US. -- A CLEAN AIR FUTURE!


    WATCH this VIDEO, to see what THIS Technology is about,
what we can do!! --> VERY IMPORTANT FOR MANKIND's future!!



Any member could use it without Cost & all would SHARE".

     John Rohner is wondering why the manufacturers, who are now spending billions to ready "BATTERY" cars, that would hurt the ecology and cause huge problems for "blowing up", contaminating waste facilities etc.. ALL the bad things we already know about batteries, plus could cost a end user thousands of dollars every other year to replace, are doing this?
     Here is a proven technology, ran once for DR Girouard who stole Rohners PlasmERG company in 2011, was running and testing as early as the Power Gen Show, when some of Rohner's employees told the engine manufacturers to disregard Rohner's order that every one would have 10 engines ready or he would not run one at the show, so he did not. These are the same folks that because they failed to grab the company became the SEC's stooges and rats. But most importantly the running and testing engines Rohner was preparing to show his investors March 23 rd, 2013, to get the final meeting to transform "Investors" into "Stockholders" for the final creation meeting and list that would have made it a Corporation. FYI on April 1, 2013 it was defunct, not that the SEC cared.
     Luckily Rohner removed the electronics from these test engines Sunday night after his tests so they were "incomplete" when grabbed and such. Only Rohner can resurect them, but after nearly 5 years even that would be tough.
     There is no question the technology is sound and can be used. The problem is restarting from scratch, as Rohner did after PlasmERG, to insure no consideration of Copyright infringement. ie. Inteligentry hardware and electronics are different from PlasmERG. As they should be from the experience learned and brought forward.
     John Rohner does not know the "proper" way to set up such a consortium. It may be a corporation or a foundation or something. But it would be "OIL" Proof.
    Consider that a small engine of less than 2 liters would require about one "RECHARGE CYLINDER" the size of a CO2 unit from a pellet gun, expected cost less than $8, and the BIG 6 Cylinder TRUCK, TRAIN, TANK or Ship size, 6 liters plus would require a refil tank about the size of a paintball unit, cost $30, to run 24/7/365. That means you could power a home for a year at less than $8 or drive your truck for a year for less than $30.
     Add to that there is no intake/exhaust/noise/heat polution. So a trucker could run his engine without complaints in the winter.

If all the prospective users got together the development costs could be less, roughly 4 million to build a center south of Can Cun, Mexico, a happy place to visit and live. A good deal of the MEMBER COMPANIES Internal engineering departments, currently being used for combustion could be reorganized to work with the R & D center to creat specific products it may need internally to create product.
     Immagine personal home electricity for everyone, and Small cars at $10,000 or less and trucks that make money, or Ships and rail engines without smoke. and this first engine is the tip of the iceburg.
Anyone know how to get this done or would like to be a part of it? LET ME KNOW?

     If you are tired of doing nothing and interested in enjoying life and being productive, contact: CAN I HELP?
     Resumes ARE being accepted, and phone numbers traded, so we can talk and see what we can do for the world, together with others of like mind from outside the USA.. Check with us to discuss how you may fit into our amazing project placement details for Development plans and introduction of engines


    Welcome to the new Plasmic Transition Technology web site!

No intake. No exhaust. NO POLLUTION!!! Welcome to the Evolution of Power!

    The Plasmic Transition Technology is a very simple new discovery that uses the advantages of a "natural" act to provide a new "result", Much as "Solar Energy" is a new way to redirect the simple fact that we knew it was warm for nearly forever and now that "side effect" is being developed to provide new outcomes, just look at all the failed plants outside Las Vegas and Yuma etc. they are "DEVELOPING" it. So, is the Physical Fact that when a Gas Transitions to a Plasma it provides an expansion, the "Thunder", from lighting, is something we have all seen and heard. This expansion in the gas mixtures being used for our developments average a 5 to 1 expansion, different mixtures provide other results and some are faster reacting than other mixtures but this is a good average.
    This Plasmic Transition was originally stumbled upon, as MOST new technology is, in a lab experiment, by Joe Papp in the early 70's. It was something never understood till his death and something most of the leaches and TROLLS for the last 35 years also have no clue about, altho I see just lately a video was posted about what we saw in 2009 and Jimmy Sabori showed for years.
    It is also something that John Rohner actually "discovered" in his experiments and research, between 2005 and 2009, that lead to the patent he filed in 2009. The technology was in very active, nearly finalized, development, at evident from his live engine tests as he readied the "show and tell" GEN SET for investors, at his company, Inteligentry.
    The US Government, and his competitors, sought to stop it forever in 2013. But, by then enough of the "cat" was out of the "Bag" that those with proper Physics and education or inteligence to understand how "lightning" worked, could see How and Why and are finishing development all over the world, EXCEPT the USA, NOW!. So they stopped ONE and got back many.. It should be noted that any development using Plasma as a fuel is now, by court order, illegal in the USA.

    The purpose of this new Web Site is to "leave no man behind" from the onslaught of the FBI/SEC raid and closure of Inteligentry AND and to carry forward the dreams of John Rohner, the Inteligentry investors, and those that DREAM for a better Planet using the planet saving work already done and investigate the technologies past this "Tip of the Iceberg".

    Plasmic Transition is ONE "LOGICAL", extension of the Inteligentry Research & Design work that was taken from the world just before birth by the US Government. It is made up of a majority of EX Inteligentry investors, employees and foreign "Master license Holders" that do believe in the development of the Plasmic Transition process and technology and that it needs to be completed and provided to help the world.


    NOTICE: John Rohner has been Contracted, thru a offshore third party, to rewrite some of his early documents for us. So there is a NEW "HOW IT WORKS" Page on this site, soon several TV accounts and an upcoming book, complete with updated information.

    Here is his "OLD" description...

How the Plasmic Transition Process system works.

    To start this discussion, this Engine is not, just as the original Papp engine was not, a Pulsed Plasma motor.  Plasma is not retained and pulsed as many others have stated. The plasma is recreated with each power stroke and returns to a steady state gas on each return stroke thus the name Plasmic Transition Process . The initial power event and creation of plasma, for expansion, is derived from a actuation event within the cylinder, a very high voltage ball, similar to a lightning ball, is created at Top Dead Center (TDC) which creates a Plasmic Transition, an expansion of 5 to 1,  which is contained in a sealed cylinder thus pushing the Piston and rotating the crankshaft system via a push rod.
In a single cylinder engine there are only 3 moving parts so the addition of a flywheel is required to provide the kinetic energy to complete the non powered cycle. There is no need to recycle electrons from one cylinder to another unless you are looking for a perpetual motion machine.
 This is a new system that crosses the previous borders the science of Physics as it is part Fusion, fission and plasma working together utilizing elements of each to the advantage of the result. this result is power.
The output Torque is steady over the range of the Rotation of the engine, roughly 400 Ft Lbs in a 500 CC engine, at any engine rotational speed. So Horse Power is a straight rising line.

    There are two parallels to explain the Plasmic Transition and power production of this motor in our world. First is natural lightning, which uses a almost identical or similar process as does the Plasmic Transition Process .  The second is Live steam which provides the same torque over rotational speed event characteristics. There is nothing comparable in our current internal combustion motors operation. 

        The single most crucial part of this motor's operation is the Electronic Control System. Our Modern  ECS comprises multiple programmable micro computer controllers, a Radio Frequency Power generator, a HV Spark Coil initiation driver, various electro magnetic Coil voltage switches providing a base (resting) or variable (engine speed) voltage for all cylinder or reaction chamber electro magnetic coils, a DC to 12 Volt DC output converter, a engine speed DC to programmed Variable voltage (3 to 48 Volt) DC converter, a inter controller communications port, a instrument support CAN port, for user panel etc, and action port which receives commands from the user comprising, by not limited to, things like Run, Start, Throttle position, hold speed, Brake application, Brake hard, various motor inputs and Fuel container information. Pretty complex when you consider the first one John Rohner designed in the 80s.

    For a more in depth look, SEE the Document page and read "How It works", My old description, but informative. WE started describing this process to be like "Lightning" and the Power production like a "Steam engine". Lots of people now copy this description!


    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.




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